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Bangkok Sunset from the Apartment

December 27, 2009

We had a good red sunset in Bangkok on the evening of Boxing Day, December 26th. I set up my Canon EOS-30D on a tripod and took a picture every minute for fifty minutes as the sun set and the city lights came on.

I shot in RAW and used aperture priority at F8 and 100ASA for the best picture the camera and lens could produce.

I did minimal processing in Lightroom. I used the “Camera Landscape” calibration profile. That did a good job of matching the colours as I saw them.

Then I used the Lightroom Slideshow module to create an Adobe PDF file of the presentation. I sized it at 1024×768 which produced a 3MB file.

I uploaded it to my account on Scribd. I embedded the document in this post after the jump.

I like the effect – you can see how quickly the sun sets in the tropics and the red sky is striking.

Download it and let me know what you think.

Photographing the Sunset

December 21, 2009

Red Bangkok Sunset
We are getting some beautiful sunsets in the cool season.

I fiddled with the camera settings a lot to persuade it to display what I saw. I don’t have time as the sun sets fast in the tropics and the shades of the sky change quickly. I found 2/3 of a stop under-exposure worked well with a minimum of post-processing in Lightroom.

I put the camera on my monopod to take this shot. I used the Canon EOS-30D’s highest ISO – 1600 and it selected 1/30 second at F3.5. I did not see any point at stopping the lens down to get a better depth-of-field (DOF) as there is not much detail available in this light.

I’d love to see what the Canon EOS-7D would make of this scene with its maximum ISO of 12800. That is three stops extra sensitivity so an equivalent exposure would be 1/125 second.

September Already

September 1, 2009

Even though we don’t have northern hemisphere type seasons in tropical Thailand I feel that summer just passed now it is September. This year has rushed by.

Soon it will be 09-09-09 which is a very auspicious day for Thai people – like 08-08-08 was last year for the Chinese.

Here it is definitely the rainy season. I had a late lunch because it decided to pour at 1pm. I am sure that was bad news for all the street vendors.

At least we had a good sunset. I still don’t know the meteorological conditions that lead to good red sunsets.

Bangkok Sunset After a Storm

Disappointing Bangkok Sunset

August 26, 2009

Disappointing Bangkok Sunset

Originally uploaded by Ian Fuller

Yesterday we had a wonderful sunset. Today, despite the weather looking superficially the same to my untrained eye, it was a non-event.

i set my camera up to take photos at 5 minute intervals but it was not photogenic. See how quickly the sun goes down in the tropics.

Does anyone know what makes a great sunset?

Bangkok Sunset

August 25, 2009

It was such a good sunset today I posted a load more pictures to PicasaWeb here.

They’ll remain for about a month – so check them out now!