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The Fight for Your Rights

December 8, 2009

[picapp align=”left” wrap=”true” link=”term=statue+of+liberty&iid=7062008″ src=”8/b/f/a/TOURISM_2ef1.JPG?adImageId=8093134&imageId=7062008″ width=”234″ height=”176″ /]There’s a disturbing story on the Photo Attorney’s web site at It is about an amateur photographer being challenged by police officers at a public event in California.

It’s frustrating because she doesn’t allow comments on her site. I would have liked to have asked:

  1. What happened? The story just says the police officers demanded to see the pictures on his camera. Did he comply?
  2. It says the photographer was also an attorney. Therefore he likely had a good understanding of the law. What is the law in this situation? Did the fact that the photographer was on State property make a difference?
  3. The story does not quote any sources. How do we know it is complete and reliable?

It’s easy to get angry at stories like this, but I think we are seeing less than the full story. I thought the Photo Attorney would give her readers the full story and the legal facts behind it. Disappointing.

WordPress Does Not Search Comments

October 21, 2009

I just found out that if I use the search box on my blog WordPress does a great job of searching all the posts. But it does not seem to search the comments attached to them.

I saw that Barnes & Noble have announced their eBook reader – the Nook. I recalled that I’d posted something about it but could not remember where. I tried searching for “Barnes & Noble” or just plain “Barnes” but WordPress found nothing.

Then I remembered I mentioned it on a comment to a post about the Kindle reader. I searched for “Kindle” and soon found it.

I guess it is a load more work for WordPress to index comments but I was a little bit disappointed.

Now of course this post will appear when I search for “Barnes”.

Picapp Annoyances

October 8, 2009

I searched Picapp for a picture of a Canon camera for a blog entry I was writing.

This is all I got under the “creative” category:

[picapp src=”0138/fe5a612e-1118-44af-80c1-ed7cde04b280.jpg?adImageId=4764774&imageId=141711″ width=”500″ height=”276″ /]

That’s a cannon – not a Canon!

Searching “editorial” got me lots of pictures of Maria Carey. I don’t know why.

There were also pictures of the Calder Cannons Australian Football team.

[picapp src=”2/f/8/f/TAC_Cup_Final_1e30.jpg?adImageId=4765234&imageId=6616144″ width=”500″ height=”380″ /]

Searching for “Canon camera” wasn’t much better. At least Daveigh Chase has a Canon camera round her neck. (Not that you can tell, but the caption says so.)

[picapp src=”0/b/c/7/Daveigh_Chase_HBOs_b08f.jpg?adImageId=4765354&imageId=6089211″ width=”500″ height=”750″ /]

There was nothing under “creative” for “Canon camera”.

It all goes to prove my point – keywords are pretty useless for searching. Partly because people can’t spell, and partly (my pet peeve) because they are typeless.

My second beef is that the “related pictures” strip under the picture when Picapp displays the picture on the blog often obscures part of the picture. Can’t it appear below the picture?

Searching Flickr

July 17, 2009

Here ( is an interesting post on search front-ends for Flickr. A lot of clever people have thought hard about good ways to search and display immense numbers of pictures. I read somewhere that Flickr has over three BILLION photos now.

However, it is so limited since many Flickr pictures are keyworded badly or not at all.

I used to be guilty of bad or no keywording myself when I had an unlimited account and used it as a backup for every photo I took. Now I have the 200 photo limit I am much more careful.