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Another GPS Enabled Camera Released: Digital Photography Review

August 14, 2009

Samsung unveils CL65 wireless compact with 1152k LCD: Digital Photography Review.

Great! The more cameras that are released the better tools there will be out there for managing and displaying geotagged pictures.

I like the little tweak that

The ST1000 will display the city name and region on the camera’s LCD screen, providing users with a real-time display of the location where they’re taking a photo, as well as a handy reference for when they are reviewing images on the camera’s LCD screen.

It must be a reverse geocode lookup to a server or have a database on-board. I’d like to see how well that works in practice. Having “Bangkok, Thailand” on the display is nice but it would be better to go down a level to the khet (district) – Din Daeng in my case. When I was out yesterday I was on the border between Wang Thong Lang and Lat Phrao and I would have liked to have known.

However there’s no standardization on how that is displayed worldwide which is, I think, why they limit it to the city. Jeff Friedl’s GPS plugin has a lot of trouble with this. That reminds me: I must write to him with examples of where I think he makes mistakes with Bangkok addresses.

Maybe the internet connectivity of this camera is useful. In contrast with my Nikon Coolpix P6000 which only works with Nikon’s proprietary site My Picture Town. I have never tried it. Restricting the camera thus is a waste of precious recources: grams and cubic millimetres. They had to find space for a full sized ethernet jack as well as writing a while load of software to connect the thing.

I am suspicious of the Samsung’s ultra compact design with its folded optics. I will be very interested if DP Review do a full review of the camera.