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Bangkok Flooded – Again!

January 6, 2010

Bangkok Rainy Afternoon from the Apartment

If it’s any consolation to the Europeans and North Americans freezing in snow and ice – we had a rain storm in Bangkok this afternoon. It poured like it was monsoon season. All the sois around my apartment are flooded and I can’t go and buy groceries until the water goes down. The storm drains in this neighbourhood cannot keep up and they’ve become clogged with stuff in the cool, dry season.

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Good Job I Didn’t Go Out

November 14, 2009

Good Job I Didn't Go Out
The Thai rainy season is meant to have finished now. Through the end of the year should be the “cool season”. I believe this is the best time to visit the country. I remember the first time I came to Thailand in 1982. I left England with snow on the ground and arrived in Bangkok to bright sun and warmth.

I was going to go out today but just after lunch it started to pour with rain and I retreated home. Thai people believe that there will be one last big storm before the rainy season really ends. So they are hoping this is it.

There’s not much photography I can do when it is raining like this. I shot a quick photo from the apartment window. I am thinking of the people who have to work outside in the rain like the motorcycle taxi drivers. As usual the soi outside the apartment is flooding fast.


Rained Off

October 16, 2009

The Bangkok Post (the main English language daily in Thailand) reported today that Bryan Robson, the new coach of the Thailand National Football (soccer to the Americans) Team, would be “unveiled” at the Vie Hotel, Bangkok at 2pm.

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I was free and according to the map the Vie Hotel is close to Phaya Thai Skytrain Station so I decided I would attend. Thai events are often very informal and I thought a farang with a camera would be admitted with a smile. (It’s worked before!) I even took the Canon EOS-30D with me.

However …

It started to pour with rain when I arrived at the station. Raining cats and dogs as we used to say. I wasn’t sure exactly where the Vie Hotel was and I chickened out. I sheltered by the new Airport Express Railway Station (almost complete) and took some photos.

Here’s a train arriving at Phaya Thai railway station. I gave it a bit of an antique look in Lightroom which suited the old train and the dismal weather.


I have not seen any press coverage of Mr Robson’s unveiling. (I don’t think the reporter chose the best word.)

Picapp did not have any pictures, but here’s one of Robson playing for England in 1984.

[picapp src=”7/f/f/4/Bryan_Robson_of_ebe6.jpg?adImageId=5809436&imageId=4629606″ width=”427″ height=”594″ /]

17 Jun 1984: Bryan Robson of England in action during a Friendly match against Chile in Santiago, Chile. The match ended in a 0-0 draw.
Mandatory Credit: David Cannon/Allsport

What a Grey Day!

October 1, 2009

What a Grey Day!
It rained and drizzled all night last night. When I got up this morning I could not see the Baiyoke Tower for all the mist. It feels like an autumn day in England with a distinct chill in the air.

I remember how lucky we are in Bangkok compared with the people who lost everything or died in the Philippines and Samoa recently. A little bit of rain is nothing. It hasn’t even flooded the soi outside.

Still for the poor people in Bangkok life must be pretty rotten today. It’s easy for me to pontificate from the safety and luxury of the apartment high above it all with electricity and clean water.

River Trip

September 19, 2009

Wat Arun in Silhouette

I like this picture of Wat Arun across the Chao Phraya River, taken just before it started to rain on Saturday afternoon.

I hid in the very good riverside cafe next to the Aurum Hotel when it looked like it was going to rain hard. Good that I did – there was a severe thunderstorm. The commercial river traffic kept going but the Chao Phraya Express ferries were pretty empty.

Finally I gave up waiting and got a taxi to Hua Lamphong Station: the nearest subway station. Unfortunately many of the taxi drivers anywhere in the Rattanakosin Island area are crooks. I had to be very firm that he turned the meter on and did not take me to and jewel shops. Mai pen rai.

I posted a few photos to Flickr and many more to Picasa Web.

Deluge in Bangkok! City Flooded!

September 12, 2009

Well, not quite …

But it did rain hard and long yesterday afternoon. I wanted to take some pictures near Central World but I was confined to the walkway between Chit Lom and Siam Skytrain Stations.

Central World During an Afternoon Deluge in Bangkok

There was a sales exhibition of BMW cars in Central World. The prices of new cars here are amazing.

BMW 120d Coupe

This is the first BMW 1-Series I have seen in Thailand. Special offer: 3,299,000 Baht. Approximately 67,000 Euro or 97,000 US Dollars.

Thai BMW Price Sticker

Thai BMW Price Sticker

Here’s the sticker to prove it.

Not a Good day for Photography

July 21, 2009

Tuesday was cool (by Bangkok) standards, grey and it rained a lot of the time. Not a hard monsoon type rain; more like a London rain. I felt I could have been in England not Thailand, but of course the temperature was many degrees warmer.

I have sympathy for the workers who had to work outside today.

I did not take any interesting photos today. I posted the best of a lacklustre bunch on PicasaWeb here.

Tommorrow is a new day.

How I felt today

How I felt today