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Canon EOS-7D Price in Thailand

December 14, 2009

I saw the Canon EOS-7D camera for sale in Bangkok at the Emporium Shopping Centre, near Phrom Phong Skytrain Station. It was in the window of Eastbourne Camera.

The price is 72,900 Baht with the Canon EF-S 18-135 mm lens. That’s about US$2,188.

I checked They offer it today for US$1,899: 13% more in Thailand.

Prices in Thailand include 7% Value Added Tax (VAT). If you are a tourist you can arrange to have the VAT refunded when you leave Thailand. Unfortunately I do not qualify because I am classed as a resident for tax purposes.

Hi-so shopping malls like Emporium aren’t the cheapest places to buy cameras. But you can be sure this is a legitimate import and will be covered by a Canon (Thailand) warranty. Prices will be lower at places like Panthip Plaza and Fortune Town Mall. But the cameras may be grey imports. If you have a problem Canon (Thailand) won’t help you.

Eastbourne Camera helpfully list their Canon camera prices on their web site here. When I looked the EOS-7D was not included.

Given the complexity of the camera I think it is wise to have the peace-of-mind (an overused phrase) of warranty support.

Not that I intend to buy one. Oh no, I am a Frugal Photographer.

Camera Prices in Thailand

October 1, 2009
Camera Prices in Thailand

Bangkok Camera Prices

I did a quick, unscientific price comparison of popular cameras sold in Thailand, the USA and England. My prior impression was that Thailand is a very expensive place to buy electronics due to high import taxes.

For Thailand I chose the EC Mall retail store at Fortune Town Mall near my home. I understand it is an official dealer, but I think they stock some grey-imports too. I saw some Japanese-language boxes in the window.

I did an internet price comparison with for the USA and in England.

I checked the prices of the following cameras listed on the EC Mall sign above:

Canon EOS-50D body
Canon EOS-450D kit, 18-55 IS
Canon EOS-500D kit, 18-55 IS
Canon Powershot G10
Canon Powershot SX200 IS
Canon IXUS 95 IS / IXY 110 IS
Canon IXUS 100 IS / IXY 210 IS
Canon IXUS 110 IS / IXY 510 IS
Nikon D3000 kit, 18-55 VR
Nikon D5000 kit, 18-55 VR
Nikon D90 kit, 18-105 VR
Nikon D300s body
Panasonic Lumix DMC-FX40/48
Panasonic Lumix DMC-ZS3/TZ7
Panasonic Lumix DMC-FZ35/38
Panasonic Lumix DMC-LX3

As I expected, (USA) was cheaper than Thailand by an average of 10%. But (UK) was an average of 20% more expensive than Thailand.

Perhaps the UK has both high import duties and higher VAT. It is 7% in Thailand. generally does not charge sales tax.

I ignored the cost of shipping and handling when I got the Internet quotes but I made sure i was comparing like with like. I wonder why manufacturers use different model identities in each market. The EC-Mall sign lists both the US and the European identities.

The Canon EOS-450D was not available new from

Incidentally, I asked about the Canon EOS-7D. EC Mall did not know when it would be available here through Canon (Thailand).

You can download a  PDF file of my price comparison spreadsheet here. As they always say in England,  E&OE: “Errors and Omissions Excepted”.

Given that if I buy a camera in the US I won’t get warranty service in Thailand, it’s best to buy here even if it is 10% more.

Please correct me if I have screwed up my comparisons or calculations.