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Canon Picture Styles – Interesting Discussion

October 30, 2009

I meant to write a post in this blog about Canon’s Picture Styles, my limited understanding of them but how I relate them to my workflow. However, Michael Willems knows far more than I do so we are having an interesting discussion here.

So far I have learned more than I did by reading Canon’s online documentation here.

It’s a confusing subject and I made things worse for myself by trying to relate them to the adjustments I can make in Lightroom. Lightroom has to be a level playing field for all digital cameras so it does not handle them directly, but emulates them. And that’s where my brain starts to hurt!

If you are interested in learning more take a look at the discussion on Michael’s blog.

I thought Canon were going to invest more heavily in Picture Styles. For example they talked of releasing more on their web site for particular applications.

They released seven “extended function” styles in 2007 to augment the standard ones shipped with each camera and on Canon’s Digital Photo Professional (DPP) software. However nothing’s been released since.

I thought there would be an opportunity to extend the concept further. For example releasing styles that explicitly model traditional film types. I guess the development team were assigned to a different project after the Picture Style concept was embedded in all Canon DSLRs and in DPP.

Adobe DNG 1.3 Specification

July 14, 2009

Here’s an interesting blog entry on about the new Adobe DNG 1.3 specification: Unless otherwise specified: DNG gains lens corrections.

Dpreview doesn’t speculate about the background to all this and Adobe Senior Product Manager Tom Hogarty is of course too professional and reticent to comment.

Put in very simple terms Adobe want camera manufacturers to support DNG fully. The camera manufacturers want to keep proprietary advantage. I think only a company as influential as Adobe has any hope of breaking this open: not a job for a start-up. I should have learned that lesson in my Silicon Valley start-up days.

Adobe want to be able to apply the same sophisticated corrections and adjustments to a DNG file that the camera makers do in their own software with the proprietary Raw format. I have used Canon’s Digital Photo Professional (DPP) and my pre-Lightroom days tended to prefer it for certain operations. Now I bypass DPP entirely and never look at the Raw file. I’m trusting Adobe to do a perfect job rendering the DNG file – so I should be able to do anything in Lightroom + Photoshop that I can do in DPP.

In another entry I want to discuss what I think I lost making the “all Adobe” choice – Canon’s Picture Styles.