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I Don’t Understand Google

September 11, 2009

Does anybody?

What I mean is that many of the web searches that come to this blog are for the Nikon Coolpix P7000. I know nothing about this camera. All I did was link to the page on and hardly added any information.

Yet my post comes ABOVE in the Google listing. The top choice is link farm in the Philippines. Second is another Nikon related site. I am third!

I think this shows the limitations of Google’s automated system. A human would detect the link farm and the fact that my blog merely reports facts posted elsewhere.

Google isn’t intelligent. Not even close.

If I look tomorrow it will probably have changed.

While I am thinking of Google I forgot to mention that whatever I alter in my Google account my Google searches always go to in the Thai language rather than in English. It’s trying to be clever and failing. I want English!

For that reason I have set my default search engine to Yahoo does not try to second-guess me.

Nikon P7000 Rumours

September 8, 2009

Just as I thought, rumours are starting to fly about a new Nikon Coolpix P7000 to replace the P6000.

There is a site devoted to Nikon Rumours with a page for the possible P7000 here.

My favourite review and news site,, has a policy about revealing information while it’s embargoed by the manufacturer. As a result they get early access to new products so they can publish hands-on details as soon as the embargo is lifted. But they are often frustrated by the number of leaks that can only have come from the manufacturer’s employees. See their self-described rant about it here.

It’s often hard to do the right thing.