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Microsoft Replaces Black Man With White Man In Photo

August 30, 2009

Microsoft Replaces Black Man With White Man In Photo.

I cannot remember how I found this blog entry about Microsoft editing a photo for the Polish market, replacing a black businessman’s head with that of a white man. There were predictably a lot of Microsoft hate comments and some name calling. Rather than jump into that fray – I thought I’d comment here.

  1. No one would have objected if Microsoft had substituted a different picture in the Polish ad. But to do a Photoshop job and “cut off” the black man’s head, replace it with somebody else’s and not change the hands is crass. It wasn’t a unique photo: like someone shaking hands with Bill Gates and Steve Balmer. They could get a stock photo of people at a conference table looking interested and happy for pennies in royalties.
  2. There are no secrets any more. Just like the Czech grocery store who appropriated a happy family photo from the internet for their advertising, somebody will find out sooner or later.
  3. Quite possibly it was done by an agency in Poland. They received the US ad and had an urgent deadline to translate the text, “localize” and publish it. I am certain it wasnt a conspiracy in Redmond, WA. But the damage done by embarrassment is huge. If the ad’s got Microsoft’s name on it then they’re responsible – and people love to hate Microsoft.
  4. The whole thing could be a hoax.
  5. I think it is great that people are sensitive about this kind of thing but sad it opens up so much hate-filled debate.

Windows XP to Windows 7: It’s Going to Be a Bumpy Ride – Columns by PC Magazine

August 19, 2009,2817,2350740,00.asp

When I lived in the US I subscribed to PC Magazine. Now it has gone all digital.

I am one of those users who have stuck with Windows XP. It does everything I want: run the half dozen apps I use regularly, connect to the Internet and it supports my Canon MP610 printer and my Wacom graphics tablet.

Even when I bought the new Compaq PC I insisted the shop install XP and not Vista. The PC is a tool and I don’t want the hassle.

The shop installed Office 2007 by mistake and I still cannot find the features I need without a hunt. Plus it refuses to run the code in my Access Databases and Excel Spreadsheets that I wrote myself.

I do not want to spend even an hour installing a new OS and hunting for new drivers and updates to the programs I use. Sorry Microsoft, it is not worth it to me.

I don’t mind too much that Microsoft will require a clean install for XP users. That’s the best way anyway. If I do grasp the nettle I’ll wait until all the apps I care about work with it and then I will reformat my hard drive and start from scratch.

One of the critical tools for me is TrueCrypt. That needs to work from day 1 as all my data is encrypted.