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My First Lightroom Crash

June 30, 2009

I was uploading some images to Picasa. Lightroom crashed when I pressed the Export button in Library View. There wasn’t an error message, the window closed and the process terminated.

My heart sank. but when I restarted everything appeared to be fine. We’ll see.

I backed up the database with the option set to verify the database integrity. that didn’t produce any errors. But of course it’s impossible to prove there is nothing wrong with the database. I wish that process would produce a report so I can see what it has checked. I may not understand it but I’d feel better.

Maybe I’ll be testing database recovery from the XMP information in the image files soon.

My database is 605MB and catalogs 29,192 images. I hope that is not considered big and I am not pushing the envelope of Lightoom scalability.

It’s worrying when a crash happens with no error messages and is not reproducible. When I wrote software we used to joke about random un-reproducible bugs being caused by alpha particles. I wonder what today’s programmers blame.