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December 29, 2009


Most of the time Google Reader does a good job of parsing stories and presenting them. But some of the time it includes a load of nonsense in the story from the links and other stuff on the original page. The page is probably missing a closing tag of some sort so Reader just went on copying the text mindlessly.

I expect it is an error in the way the page was written but it is still annoying. Maybe it is good though – it reminds me that my Google Reader “experience” is generated by a machine.

I Took the Printer to Canon

December 24, 2009

Yesterday, I took my failed Canon MP610 printer to the Canon (Thailand) Service Centre on Sathorn Road. It was a 200B taxi ride including a 45B toll. I rarely take taxis so I did not know the best route. Unfortunately the box was too big for me to take the Subway and Skytrain.

The centre was quiet and they served me almost immediately. They will contact me in a few days with a diagnosis and price. The actual service could take 15 days. My experience with camera repairs suggests it will be less.

Here’s a picture of the Service Centre.

Canon (Thailand) Service & Showroom
I felt self-conscious using a Nikon camera in the Canon office so I did not take many shots.

The district around the Canon office is full of high-rise offices. It is “international bland” and could be almost anywhere. It was lunch time when I finished at Canon. The streets were full of thousands of office workers heading for lunch as they would be almost anywhere. It was a lovely day so I had a cheap lunch people-watching.

Boxed Up & Ready To Go

December 22, 2009

Canon MP610 Printer in its Box

Further to this post about my Canon printer problems:

I have no choice but to take my Canon MP610 All-in-One printer back to Canon for servicing. I hoped I could buy a new print head and install it myself. But Canon replied saying they need to check it. That’s sensible – the print head could be fine but the software / hardware that tests it and raises the misleading U052 “type of print head is incorrect” error is faulty. I don’t know where the temperature sensor is.

Fortunately I kept the shipping box. I packed it this morning. Before doing that I powered-it on again to see if the U052 error remained. It did.

When I have time I’ll take a taxi across town to the Canon Service Centre. At least I don’t live up-country.

Canon MP610 Printer Problem

December 19, 2009

I was printing some photos for friends this evening when my Canon MP610 Multifunction printer developed a problem.

The printer’s display showed:


The type of print head is incorrect. Install the correct print head.

That’s meaningless! The print head was fine a second ago. Why does it now say the type is incorrect. Also – what is the “correct” print head it supposedly needs? As far as I know there is only one type – the type that I installed when I bought the printer.

I looked for the on-screen manual on my laptop. Of course it was in Thai due to the problem I wrote about here. The installation software assumed that as my computer is in Thailand I wanted Thai-language software. Wrong!

I had to hunt online for an English manual. Of course this was a time my Internet connection went back to its old slow ways and the download took 15 minutes. I did not expect much from Canon’s troubleshooting guide and I wasn’t disappointed.

Canon MP610 Error U051-U052

I did as it advised. I removed all four ink tanks, lifted the lock lever for the print head and removed it. The printer is well-designed. Everything was easy to see, remove and re-install.

I keep the printer under a dust cover when I’m not using it so the inside of the printer was clean.

I re-installed the print head and the ink tanks, closed the cover and …

The same U052 error appeared. I tried once more but it’s a hard error.

So my MP610 is now a great doorstop. It does not even function as a scanner because this error comes up during its Power-On Self-Test and it won’t go on-line until the error is cleared.

My “Canon Service representative” is Canon (Thailand) on Sathorn Road. The printer’s too big to take on the Subway so I’ll have to take a taxi. I still have the original box.

The printer is just over two years old and has printed 3,372 items:

B&W Documents 1,303
Colour Documents 1,162
A4 Photos 269
4×6 Photos 603
T-Shirt transfers 11
CDs 24

I don’t think that is a lot of use. I’ve been very pleased with its printing up to A4 size. It works well with Lightroom and Photoshop as well as a general-purpose printer and scanner. My only complaints have been about the excessive cost of ink and the fact it claims an ink tank is empty far before it is.

Fortunately it is still in production so there should not be any problems getting it fixed.

I read somewhere that the print head is an expensive item. The Bangkok Frugal Photographer is annoyed.

I checked the Canon (Thailand) web site. They have email support. I sent them this message:

My Canon MP610 shows error U052 “The type of print head is incorrect. Install the correct print head.” I removed and re-installed the print head as the manual advised. The error still shows.

Do I need to bring the printer to you for service? Or can I purchase a replacement print head from you?

Thank you.

Service Limit Reached

September 4, 2009

I was looking for the #52 bus route on the Bangkok MTA web site. The service’s page here is not very informative.

I saw that they offer an email newsletter, presumably in English. I tried to sign up and got the following screen:

Service Limit has been Reached

Service Limit has been Reached

TiT – This is Thailand!

Bangkok Bank Internet Banking Error

September 1, 2009

I tried to pay my apartment rent this morning using Bangkok Bank’s online banking service. I wanted to set up a new monthly transfer with my revised (lower!) rent.

I’ve done this for three years now and have not had a problem. But this morning Bangkok Bank’s web site was in a bad mood. I attempted the transfer but it just sat there for about five minutes then returned this error.

Bangkok Bank Error

“An error occurred while generating a transfer from this model.” What the !!! does that mean?

I did not have time to check further so I went to my meeting worried. But when I got home I logged in again and the transfer was “pending”. So it worked.

I don’t know what went wrong. It proves one of my maxims – internet tools are great when they work – it saved me going to a branch, lining up and talking to a teller. But when the tools fail they are far worse than the old way.If the teller’s computer failed he’d have had the responsibility of fixing it. But when internet banking fails, it is the customer’s responsibility.

It is a frustrating paradox and probably inevitable with technology.

Notice how this screen shot (which contains no confidential data) is from Internet Explorer. Bangkok Bank only works with IE. It refuses to work with Firefox or Chrome.

Unknown Error in Lightroom!

August 31, 2009
An unknown error occurred while moving a photo

An unknown error occurred while moving a photo

If the error was unknown, how do you know it was an error? (That’s a philosophy question.)

No, it is NOT OK. What do I do about unknown errors?

It happened when I added a keyword to a photo and immediately tried to move it to another directory. I didn’t give the poor overworked database time to update the metadata before I started the move.

Why do I, a 53 year old human, think faster than a 2009 PC with gigabytes of memory, a fast processor, a 160GB disk and decades of development experience?

Haven’t you heard of transactions, Adobe Lightroom Team?

Unusual Lightroom Error

August 17, 2009
Failed to Find a Place?

Failed to Find a Place?

Here’s an error message I haven’t seen before. Maybe it was because I was starting a new Import while Lightroom was Rendering 1:1 Previews of the prior Import. So much for multi-tasking. I waited until the task finished, tried again and it was fine.

I wonder what it was trying to tell me. I cannot see it was a file system problem – NTFS is rock solid. It must have been something like it could not get a database lock on the catalog.

Unlike the “A non-empty name must be provided” error I got last week, this error must have been through Human Factors who came up with someting less intimidating but unfortunately also meaningless.

The writer forgot the cardinal rule of error messages: tell the user what do to about the error.

Unfriendly Lightroom

August 9, 2009

I was adding yet another keyword to my Lightroom catalog this evening and inadvertently typed one too many commas in the Synonym text entry box:

An extra comma

An extra comma

When I clicked on “Create” Lightroom gave me an error (labeled a Warning) that only a programmer could have created:

Lightroom Warning Non-Empty Name

What’s a photographer meant to make of that?

Of course I’m a Computer Scientist, so I know these things. The engineer who wrote the code to validate the new keyword parsed the Synonyms and found two consecutive delimiters (the CS word for a comma). That’s the error message she chose to display. She probably wrote compilers before she got the job with Adobe.

I’m surprised a Human Factors engineer didn’t catch it and ask her to do something more user friendly. For example, she could silently discard the extra comma. I can always edit the tag later. Or if that’s anathema then she could tell me what is wrong in Plain English and offer to a) correct the error by removing the extra comma or b) sending me back to do it myself.

At least she didn’t label the error dialog box “Syntax Error”.

It’s a tiny point, but I am waiting for pictures to upload to Picassa Web. While I was waiting I was adding some new car models to my keyword list in the hope I’ll see them some day in Thailand.

Undo Failed Due to Programming Error(!)

July 17, 2009

I was working in Lightroom (2.4 – Windows XP) this afternoon and attempted to undo the application of a Develop Preset. I’ve done this many times without an error. I was surprised when Lightroom showed this message box:

No it is not OK!

No it is not OK!

Fortunately I was able to revert to the picture I imported. I tried the operations again and everything was fine.

I wonder what programming error caused it to happen. It seems that if the engineer who put this in her code could envisage the error, why didn’t she correct it? My guess it is something like a “case” statement (whatever they are called these days) where the “else” was never meant to be encountered, but in this situation, it was.

I guess something very obscure that it wasn’t found in Adobe’s normal testing. No harm seems to have been done but errors like this are always worrying.