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Picapp Hong Kong

November 4, 2009

Here are some of my favourite old photographs of Hong Kong that I found on Picapp. There are over 300 pages to look at.


China Scales Back Plans for Software Filter –

August 14, 2009

China Scales Back Plans for Software Filter –

I wrote back in June about the Chinese Government’s order to manufacturers to put “Green Dam/Youth Escort” software on every computer sold in the country.

Now the authorities have backed off.

The industry and information technology minister, Li Yizhong, said the notion that the program would be required on every new computer was “a misunderstanding” spawned by poorly written regulations.

I guess some low level heads rolled for that, perhaps in the group that built the dam software.

I don’t think we have heard the last of this. Many governments would love to have such mandatory software on every PC that they could control and update at will. I bet the government is re-grouping and will introduce the regulation in less of a rush with software that is well designed and implemented.

I don’t doubt that Western companies will be willing to assist for the right money, just as the network equipment vendors do in creating the “Great Firewall of China”.

Already Microsoft and others download megabytes of updates onto my PC every month. “For security reasons” they don’t give me a full explanation of what the updates do. It’s a huge temptation for the software vendors and worrying for users.

Observing amazing world through X-ray_English_Xinhua

August 7, 2009

Observing amazing world through X-ray_English_Xinhua.


I don’t often read the web site of the Chinese official news agency Xinhua. Today I wondered what they are saying about President Clinton’s visit to North Korea.

While browsing I found they have a good set of photo galleries. I particularly liked this one on X-Ray Imagery.

Now that’s something where I cannot say: “Oh, I bet I can do that in Photoshop!”.

Sad Really

June 17, 2009

I have been sending Flickr-mail to friends with whom I’ve been corresponding telling them about my new blog. Today I received a message from a friend in China who said:

Great thanks for your invitation, but I think I have met some problem. My country always put a variety of bans on exotic websites and I am concerned that the link you sent me is among the banned one. Very sorry for being not able to enjoy your blog!

I very much doubt this blog could be objectionable to the authorities in China but his caution is understandable given the attention being given to the internet in China. Perhaps my comments on “green dam” could be considered dangerous. But from what I have read in the western press, it’s much discussed in China too.

My friend’s caution makes me remember how fortunate I am not to have to worry about this kind of thing.