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All Questions Answered

December 28, 2009

Even dumb ones – by the Flickr community!

I photographed a car in Bangkok that I didn’t recognise. It had a badge on the boot (trunk) that I misread and became confused. I thought it was an Opel “Calera” or “Galera”. There’s no such thing.
Opel Calera or Galera?
I posted the photo to Flickr and within a couple of hours somebody told me what I should have known anyway: it’s an Opel Calibra. That’s why I like Flickr despite their misguided policies about “voyeurs” and so on. See here and especially here.

Deluge in Bangkok! City Flooded!

September 12, 2009

Well, not quite …

But it did rain hard and long yesterday afternoon. I wanted to take some pictures near Central World but I was confined to the walkway between Chit Lom and Siam Skytrain Stations.

Central World During an Afternoon Deluge in Bangkok

There was a sales exhibition of BMW cars in Central World. The prices of new cars here are amazing.

BMW 120d Coupe

This is the first BMW 1-Series I have seen in Thailand. Special offer: 3,299,000 Baht. Approximately 67,000 Euro or 97,000 US Dollars.

Thai BMW Price Sticker

Thai BMW Price Sticker

Here’s the sticker to prove it.

Still Unguessed

July 18, 2009

Mystery Executive Car Outside Jusco Rachada

Originally uploaded by Ian Fuller

I’m losing my confidence in the experts in the Guess The Car group on Flickr (

No one gave me a certain id on the old car I posted on July 4 – the best guess was a pre-WW2 German Ford Eifel. Maybe that was too hard: it lacked a lot of body parts.

I thought this one would be a lot easier but I got no comments at all! I even put a detail of the car’s unique bad on the photo I posted.

I suspect it is a version of the Toyota Crown. Where is Hugo90 when I need him?

Old Saloon Car

July 4, 2009

Old Saloon Car

Originally uploaded by Ian Fuller

While I was waiting for my client this morning I found four old cars hidden behind a building. I am not sure what this one is so I posted it to the “Guess the Car” group on Flickr. I have never stumped them yet.

I thin it may be a 1950s Ford Anglia but i am often wrong. The missing radiator grille makes identification a lot harder.

There was also a 1960s Mercedes-Benz O319 minibus, a 1970s Daimler Sovereign and a 1970s Peugeot 504 estate.

None of them are going to run again and I am sure it would not be worth restoring them.