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My Wonder Wish

December 16, 2009

My Wonder Wish at Amarin Wonderland
I was very amused to see a Hasselblad camera around the neck of this bear enticing shoppers to visit one of the many expensive centres on Ploen Chit Road, Bangkok.

I guess the artist obtained a stock photo. Is it authentic? I wonder if Hasselblad would be amused.

[picapp align=”none” wrap=”false” link=”term=hasselblad&iid=4400885″ src=”1/2/e/5/Tim_Graham_c61d.jpg?adImageId=8325142&imageId=4400885″ width=”234″ height=”329″ /]
8th December 1969: Press photographer Tim Graham with the Hasselblad camera he used to take some of his award-winning pictures. (Photo by Fox Photos/Getty Images)
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True Greenovation

December 10, 2009
True Greenovation

True Greenovation

True Corporation is a major telecommunications provider in Thailand. Amongst other things they are my Internet Service Provider (ISP). They have an 80% market share of broadband Internet in Bangkok.

Their headquarters building is about half-a-mile away from where I live on Rachadapisek Road. It’s a large tower block that is always painted with a marketing message.

I see they are now updating the message. It’s now “True Greenovation” – Green Innovation? True has a huge marketing budget and they’re very sophisticated. However, when I searched their web site for “greenovation” it came up with nothing.

Internet service in Bangkok is lamentably slow. I waste so much time waiting for simple things to happen. I wish they’d spend some of their building painting money on updating their network.

Here is a picture I took in 2008 of the building’s previous colour scheme. At the time they were painting a “Long Live the King” ribbon all around the tower.

True Tower in 2008

True Tower in 2008

Pleasing Dutch Mill Ad at Sala Daeng Skytrain Station

November 10, 2009

Dutch Mill Ad at Sala Daeng Skytrain Station
I must have walked by this Skytrain support column a thousand times since I have been in Bangkok. But on Sunday I stopped to take a photo.

The Dutch Mill dairy products ad works very well to my eyes. It’s quite new – the previous renter of the space was something to do with Manchester United and it didn’t work as well – even though red normally photographs very well.

Doitung Coffee Postcards

October 15, 2009

Doitung Coffee Postcards
I like these postcards that Doitung Coffee hand out in their stores.

They’re printed on a textured card stock that is much better quality than the average.

It’s great to see some good photography used in this way.

Café Doitung

Doitung also use good photographs in their stores. This is a new one on Silom Road, Bangkok.

Advertising – Two-Thirds of Americans Object to Online Tracking, Study Says –

October 1, 2009

Advertising – Two-Thirds of Americans Object to Online Tracking, Study Says –

I’m not surprised! If you explain to people the intricacies of online tracking of the sites they visit and what they do there and how that can lead to the creation of “models” of their lives that can be used for marketing it sounds very creepy.

I absolutely believe that we should have the right to examine the data companies have on me and correct and / or delete it. Just being given that right would make me feel happier – even if I did not use it.

The data collected may not be in any way accurate or reflective of who I am or what I want. Last night I did a lot of research on the prices of cameras for my blog post on the prices in different markets. I bet my model now shows I am seriously hunting for a new camera and I’ll get lots of promotions. No! Just research.

Similarly many people share a computer without logging into different accounts. If a family or group of friends do this the resulting data will be a hopeless tangle.

Of course for sure people appreciate the free services they get that are supported by these models. I don’t pay for any of the internet services I use but I probably cost them a bundle. My regular sites include:

  • WordPress – 2 free blogs.
  • Flickr – 2 free accounts.
  • Picasa Web – 3 free accounts.
  • Yahoo mail.
  • Google Gmail.
  • Google Fast Flip – read every day.
  • New York Times – read every day.
  • BBC News – read every day.
  • The Economist – read every week.

The list goes on and on.

What if the companies concerned said: “if you don’t want us to collect data on you, you must pay for the services”? What would I do?

I think I’d reduce my usage a lot and pay for the services I use most.

Of course, today, even if you do pay the companies still track you.

It is great that in the US and Europe people are very conscious of this tracking and are forcing the companies to be more open. I don’t think the same thing happens here in Asia. People have few legal rights and the companies are most opaque. I prefer the western system, even though it is complex and confusing.

What do you think? How many services would you use if they were not free?

Microsoft Replaces Black Man With White Man In Photo

August 30, 2009

Microsoft Replaces Black Man With White Man In Photo.

I cannot remember how I found this blog entry about Microsoft editing a photo for the Polish market, replacing a black businessman’s head with that of a white man. There were predictably a lot of Microsoft hate comments and some name calling. Rather than jump into that fray – I thought I’d comment here.

  1. No one would have objected if Microsoft had substituted a different picture in the Polish ad. But to do a Photoshop job and “cut off” the black man’s head, replace it with somebody else’s and not change the hands is crass. It wasn’t a unique photo: like someone shaking hands with Bill Gates and Steve Balmer. They could get a stock photo of people at a conference table looking interested and happy for pennies in royalties.
  2. There are no secrets any more. Just like the Czech grocery store who appropriated a happy family photo from the internet for their advertising, somebody will find out sooner or later.
  3. Quite possibly it was done by an agency in Poland. They received the US ad and had an urgent deadline to translate the text, “localize” and publish it. I am certain it wasnt a conspiracy in Redmond, WA. But the damage done by embarrassment is huge. If the ad’s got Microsoft’s name on it then they’re responsible – and people love to hate Microsoft.
  4. The whole thing could be a hoax.
  5. I think it is great that people are sensitive about this kind of thing but sad it opens up so much hate-filled debate.