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More Picapp Pictures of the King of Thailand

January 7, 2010

I posted a number of pictures of the King of Thailand and the Royal Family that I found on Picapp at

It’s been one of the most popular posts on this blog.

Here are some more, focusing on His Majesty the King. They are ordered approximately from oldest to newest. Unfortunately there is a big jump in the Picapp archives from the 1960s until 2006.

I copied the captions from the photos verbatim. They are not consistent about the spelling of the King’s name. Often they use the old name of Thailand: Siam.

You can look for more pictures yourself. Go to and enter a search string like “Thailand King”. You do not need to register.

Picapp / Getty are now asserting a 2010 copyright for the pictures. Surely that’s not correct? The copyright date is the date the picture was taken or first published isn’t it? It doesn’t update as the years go by!
[picapp align=”left” wrap=”false” link=”term=Thailand+King&iid=3772683″ src=”8/0/6/1/Thai_Royalty_670a.jpg?adImageId=8817915&imageId=3772683″ width=”433″ height=”594″ /]
King Bhumibol of Thailand with his fiancee, Sirikit, in Lausanne, where the King is a student, 13th September 1949. (Photo by Central Press/Hulton Archive/Getty Images)

Everytrail to Pattaya

January 6, 2010

I made an Everytrail version of my railway journey from Bangkok to Pattaya on New Year’s Day.

You can view the trip at I also embedded a slide show on my Google Pages site at It’s below the PicasaWeb slideshow.

I stopped using Everytrail because it does not import my pictures from Picasa Web Albums as it says it is doing. It links to them. That means as I delete old albums to make way for new ones my Everytrail trips lose their pictures.

EveryTrail Import Selected=

EveryTrail Import Selected Photos

I won’t delete this album from Picasa Web.

Everytrail has improved its user interface since I last used it. I think it is a great idea. I think it is hard for them to make money other than with Google ads. Maybe the business plan is for somebody to buy them.

EveryTrail Pattaya Trip

EveryTrail Pattaya Trip

Is Wikipedia Down?

January 5, 2010

I’ve been trying to access Wikipedia all evening Thailand time. I get no response. Other sites are fine.

Fortunately I could access a cached version of the page I wanted from Google’s search engine.

Is Wikipedia down everywhere?

Google Alerts

January 5, 2010

Google AlertsAdd Google Alerts to the list of free Google services I’m using. Alerts are a way to find out if something you’re interested in shows up in a Google internet search.

I set up two alerts:

  • BKKPhotographer
  • My real name, in inverted commas.

So far I have not found anything interesting. My Flickr photostream uses my real name and there are thousands of pictures there so I get an alert if anybody links to one of them.

I share my name with an American soccer player so I get alerts about him too. It would be very strange to meet somebody with exactly the same name.

You can ask Google Alerts to send you email or to create a new item in Google Reader. I selected the latter. I still spend a lot of time using Google Reader. Annoyance

January 5, 2010

Dpreview.comI’ve been a registered user of for years. I believe it is the most detailed and consistent photography review site out there. They also have some well-informed discussion forums and photo challenges.

Today I went to use the site and it said I wasn’t logged in. I guess the cookie expired on December 31st. I went to login with what I thought was the correct email address and password but it refused me.

I clicked the link so it would send me a new password. That didn’t work. Maybe I forgot the email address I used to sign up.

So I tried to register as a new user with my email address. Then I got this error message:

There were the following problems with your registration:

  • Registration with web based email accounts (such as or is not allowed, please use an ISP account.

It was in red. Not allowed indeed! The person who wrote that must work for the TSA.

Sorry Dpreview, I don’t have an ISP email account! I have Yahoo and Gmail addresses and that is all. If that’s not good enough for you then sorry, I won’t register with your site. I am certainly not being ordered around by you.

I don’t think I need to be registered to read their reviews.

Does anybody use non-portable ISP email addresses anymore? That is so 20th Century. I used to have a address but I learned my lesson when I changed to another ISP and lost it.


Mister Fredrickson.

WordPress Duotone Theme

January 4, 2010

I’ve been looking at a new theme (visual design) for this blog. WordPress recently released a theme that’s designed for bloggers like me who like to post a lot of photographs. They call it Duotone. You can read about it here.

WordPress Duotone Theme Test

WordPress Duotone Theme Test

Duotone has some differences from the design I was using:

  1. It changes the background colour of the page based on the colours in the first photo on the page. That’s very clever!
  2. It displays the EXIF information (aperture, focal length, ISO speed, shutter speed and camera model) for the photo in a special panel in the margin. This only works for pictures I’ve uploaded to WordPress, not for pictures I link to, such as from Flickr.
  3. It shows one post per page – thus each page can have a different colour depending on the photo.
  4. It puts the widgets I had in the right sidebar at the bottom of the page.

Isn’t CSS wonderful? WordPress themes are an excellent demonstration of the power of separating presentation from content. I did not change any of the content of the blog to use Duotone.

I changed my test blog to use Duotone. I posted some pictures in three new test posts to see the colours Duotone would choose. Please take a look and tell me what you think in a comment. Thanks!

Happy New Year 2010

January 1, 2010

Where did the last decade go? It has flashed by for me. I remember standing in my garden in Northern California on New Years Day 2000 wondering if all the lights were going to go out or the house collapse because of the Y2K bug.

People scoff that the Y2K problem was over-dramatised. I think it was the opposite. Everybody took it seriously and all the testing and re-programming worked very well.

That’s all in the past. I am not worrying about Y10K. Here’s some PicApp HNY pictures to celebrate the start of the second decade of the 21st Century.
[picapp align=”center” wrap=”false” link=”term=happy+new+year&iid=217916″ src=”0214/6c8bc7a9-1b9e-466b-a55e-1001b06b8993.jpg?adImageId=8738310&imageId=217916″ width=”406″ height=”421″ /]
[picapp align=”center” wrap=”false” link=”term=happy+new+year&iid=217917″ src=”0214/e8aaa666-9e1c-4799-bb94-37852c240317.jpg?adImageId=8738336&imageId=217917″ width=”420″ height=”406″ /]
[picapp align=”center” wrap=”false” link=”term=happy+new+year&iid=217899″ src=”0214/5bf900b6-38ea-4f2d-8b87-ee1102d8c115.jpg?adImageId=8738338&imageId=217899″ width=”450″ height=”365″ /]
[picapp align=”center” wrap=”false” link=”term=happy+new+year&iid=217896″ src=”0214/f9bfdbbb-8a5f-47ca-8507-c533e1e8a3a6.jpg?adImageId=8738339&imageId=217896″ width=”380″ height=”276″ /]
[picapp align=”center” wrap=”false” link=”term=happy+new+year&iid=217877″ src=”0214/ad2a0703-da0c-4cb0-beaf-bd07e07228b4.jpg?adImageId=8738342&imageId=217877″ width=”401″ height=”425″ /]
[picapp align=”center” wrap=”false” link=”term=happy+new+year&iid=217879″ src=”0214/712076b0-eaab-4787-a494-41b3b81a4901.jpg?adImageId=8738348&imageId=217879″ width=”450″ height=”379″ /]
[picapp align=”center” wrap=”false” link=”term=happy+new+year&iid=217876″ src=”0214/b23fcdb7-46f7-42ba-a5d7-d46d9cc3f25c.jpg?adImageId=8738351&imageId=217876″ width=”354″ height=”482″ /]
[picapp align=”center” wrap=”false” link=”term=happy+new+year&iid=217869″ src=”0214/38a7c402-930a-4adc-b6d0-680943d6a0bb.jpg?adImageId=8738355&imageId=217869″ width=”418″ height=”408″ /]
[picapp align=”center” wrap=”false” link=”term=happy+new+year&iid=217860″ src=”0214/fc8fbafd-f35e-4132-9235-87fa6570d628.jpg?adImageId=8738358&imageId=217860″ width=”413″ height=”413″ /]


December 29, 2009


Most of the time Google Reader does a good job of parsing stories and presenting them. But some of the time it includes a load of nonsense in the story from the links and other stuff on the original page. The page is probably missing a closing tag of some sort so Reader just went on copying the text mindlessly.

I expect it is an error in the way the page was written but it is still annoying. Maybe it is good though – it reminds me that my Google Reader “experience” is generated by a machine.

All Questions Answered

December 28, 2009

Even dumb ones – by the Flickr community!

I photographed a car in Bangkok that I didn’t recognise. It had a badge on the boot (trunk) that I misread and became confused. I thought it was an Opel “Calera” or “Galera”. There’s no such thing.
Opel Calera or Galera?
I posted the photo to Flickr and within a couple of hours somebody told me what I should have known anyway: it’s an Opel Calibra. That’s why I like Flickr despite their misguided policies about “voyeurs” and so on. See here and especially here.


December 27, 2009

The Google Code site has a DNS Benchmark Utility to test if your DNS server configuration is really the best. You can read about it here.

I thought it would be good to test my use of Google Public DNS from my location in Bangkok, Thailand. It occurred to me that sending every request to servers that are most likely in the USA may not be the best for me.

And so it proved. I ran the test using a data source of all the sites in my Firefox history. I was surprised it contains over 47,000 domains.

Namebench told me that a Thai-based DNS Server called AsiaNet-2 TH is 27% faster than Google DNS.

Namebench Results. Click to see full size.

I decided to put that one as my primary DNS Server but use Google DNS as the secondary. Google DNS had a respectable performance. It seemed wise to have a backup server in a different location.

Don’t use these recommendations without testing yourself. My results in Bangkok with my ISP won’t be the same as yours.