Why Not Use DNG?

Adobe DNG LogoI read an interesting article on Adobe’s Digital Negative (DNG) format on Scott Kelby’s Lightroom Killer Tips blog here. I’m surprised that DNG has not become more widely adopted and disappointed (but not surprised) that more camera manufacturers have not supported/adopted it. I don’t think camera manufacturers should be competing with proprietary file formats. If I were them I’d be like Leica and get out of the software business entirely.

I made the following comment on the article:

I have been using DNG almost since it was released by Adobe. Initially I was cautious. After all, what if Adobe is acquired, goes out of business or decides that DNG isn’t “strategic” any more? But since Adobe opened the DNG specification I figured that even if they do abandon it there will always be software around that supports it.A while ago I did some tests where I used Adobe Camera Raw on an original RAW image and then with the same settings on an equivalent DNG file. The images were bit-for-bit identical.

But the thing that really convinced me that DNG is rock solid is that both Leica adopted it as their RAW format for the M8, M9 and X1. If it is good enough for Leica it is surely good enough for me.

I hope that manufacturers like Canon and Nikon will adopt it, but it does not seem likely.


16 Responses to “Why Not Use DNG?”

  1. Michael Willems Says:

    Yeah it makes sense. But you don’t understand, Ian: manufacturers are not interested in sense or in making things better; they are interested in increasing market share!

    Standards, seen in this view, lessen proprietary IP and hence endanger market share. Shortsighted, yes, but it is the way it is. Look at Microsoft’s adoption of XML (heck, of HTML even).

  2. fonktok69 Says:

    Ian, where are you?

    MIA for a long time now????


  3. Michael Willems Says:

    I rather thought the same!

  4. Michael Willems Says:

    I just heard something terrible, which if we understand it correctly, explains everything.

    Fellow reader Jeffrey received a reply to an automated message his system had sent Ian. This reply in broken English essentially said “I’m Ian’s wife. I’m sorry to tell you that he died”.

    If we understood this correctly, that is terrible, terrible news. I must say I was getting very worried by Ian’s absence onmy blog.

    We thought we should at least mention something here for the benefit of those who knew him.

    Michael Willems
    Oakville, Ontario

  5. planetcity1 Says:

    I too received an e-mail saying that Ian had died. The subject header was woven, which was the name of a digital art piece I had done some months
    ago, and that Ian had particularly liked.

    If anyone has more details, please post, as I’m not familiar with how to
    look up Thailand obits.

    Diane Beaty
    Plant City, FL

  6. Michael Willems Says:

    I’m still reeling. One moment he’s here, the next, he’s gone. Sadly and shockingly, Ian’s wife conforms that he has passed away.

  7. mdee88 Says:

    RIP, Ian. You will be missed.

    I hadn’t received an email, didn’t know him personally but I enjoyed his blog and photography on a regular basis.

    Goodbye, friend.

    Mac D.
    Manila, Philippines

    • planetcity1 Says:

      I also only knew Ian as a fellow blogger. I believe his wife notified me because Ian and I had previously exchanged a couple of e-mails privately.

      I managed to come into contact with some people in the area who did know Ian. It is their understanding that Ian collapsed in a subway car, apparently due to a heart attack, and that his funeral took place in the area of his wife’s provincial home.

  8. Michael Willems Says:

    Well, I am still reeling. And the poignancy of the blog still living on… terribly sad.

  9. Michael Willems Says:

    This, Jan 9, must have been one of the very last things Ian wrote. Do we know when he died?

  10. hkkbs Says:

    So sad to hear this. Loved his blog and Flickr page. He had such good eye to find interesting things to take photos of. You could feel his happiness in exploring Bangkok and Thailand. Miss you Ian!

  11. fonktok69 Says:

    Yes, Ian loved Bangkok very much. But he loved his wife Boom even more.

    We had some good long chats over lunch recently…then we went out and took pictures.

    Ian, you are missed. RIP

  12. Michael Willems Says:

    And Ian’s blog is still up… so sad.

  13. Michael Willems Says:

    And still up, and we still all miss him.

  14. fontok69 Says:

    …still miss you…good man!

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