Tim Tams – My Favourite Biscuit

Back when I lived in England my favourite chocolate biscuits were Penguins. They were hardly available in America so I used to load-up on packets when I went home.

Penguins aren’t sold here but I found something very similar: Tim Tams. They are from Australia. To me the milk chocolate variety is identical to the Penguins I remember. I bet there are biscuit enthusiasts who can tell the difference.

I was interested to see that they sell two varieties of Tim Tams in Thailand:

Two types of Tim Tam Biscuits

Two types of Tim Tam Biscuits

The top blue packet is made in Australia and costs 108B for a 200g packet. That’s about US$3.25. The bottom brown 120g packet is made in Indonesia and costs 32B – about US$1. They are “developed especially for the South East Asia Market. Not for sale in Australia or New Zealand“.

The cheaper biscuits don’t come in the same varieties as the originals, but they taste just as good to me.

You can guess which ones I buy. Of course my local supermarket displays the expensive packets on a shelf at eye-level and the South-East Asia ones near the floor.

This is a similar strategy to the International Edition of textbooks that I wrote about last December. Maybe with food products there are regulations that would prevent me from practising Tim Tam arbitrage and exporting them to Australia and New Zealand.

But if you like Tim Tams and you’re in a South East Asian Country, grab the cheaper packets!

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