Dpreview.com Annoyance

Dpreview.comI’ve been a registered user of Dpreview.com for years. I believe it is the most detailed and consistent photography review site out there. They also have some well-informed discussion forums and photo challenges.

Today I went to use the site and it said I wasn’t logged in. I guess the cookie expired on December 31st. I went to login with what I thought was the correct email address and password but it refused me.

I clicked the link so it would send me a new password. That didn’t work. Maybe I forgot the email address I used to sign up.

So I tried to register as a new user with my yahoo.com email address. Then I got this error message:

There were the following problems with your registration:

  • Registration with web based email accounts (such as hotmail.com or yahoo.com) is not allowed, please use an ISP account.

It was in red. Not allowed indeed! The person who wrote that must work for the TSA.

Sorry Dpreview, I don’t have an ISP email account! I have Yahoo and Gmail addresses and that is all. If that’s not good enough for you then sorry, I won’t register with your site. I am certainly not being ordered around by you.

I don’t think I need to be registered to read their reviews.

Does anybody use non-portable ISP email addresses anymore? That is so 20th Century. I used to have a concentric.net address but I learned my lesson when I changed to another ISP and lost it.


Mister Fredrickson.

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