WordPress Duotone Theme

I’ve been looking at a new theme (visual design) for this blog. WordPress recently released a theme that’s designed for bloggers like me who like to post a lot of photographs. They call it Duotone. You can read about it here.

WordPress Duotone Theme Test

WordPress Duotone Theme Test

Duotone has some differences from the design I was using:

  1. It changes the background colour of the page based on the colours in the first photo on the page. That’s very clever!
  2. It displays the EXIF information (aperture, focal length, ISO speed, shutter speed and camera model) for the photo in a special panel in the margin. This only works for pictures I’ve uploaded to WordPress, not for pictures I link to, such as from Flickr.
  3. It shows one post per page – thus each page can have a different colour depending on the photo.
  4. It puts the widgets I had in the right sidebar at the bottom of the page.

Isn’t CSS wonderful? WordPress themes are an excellent demonstration of the power of separating presentation from content. I did not change any of the content of the blog to use Duotone.

I changed my test blog http://bkkphotographerstest.wordpress.com/ to use Duotone. I posted some pictures in three new test posts to see the colours Duotone would choose. Please take a look and tell me what you think in a comment. Thanks!

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3 Responses to “WordPress Duotone Theme”

  1. hkkbs Says:

    I think it’s better as it is. It’s much easier to read black text on white background as you have now.

    • BKKPhotographer Says:

      I agree. Also I think there’s something to having a consistent colour scheme for all the pages of the blog. With Duotone every page may look very different.

      Some photographers prefer to display their pictures with a black background. But I don’t think it’s best for text.

  2. WordPress UK » Blog Archive » WordPress Duotone Theme « Bkkphotographer's Blog Says:

    […] Follow this link: WordPress Duotone Theme « Bkkphotographer's Blog […]

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