Thailand Voice – Promoting Blogs About Thailand

A few weeks ago I noticed that one web site was linking to all the posts on this blog. It’s called “Thailand Voice“. They say:

We are on the Internet every day looking for quality articles and blogs about Thailand. We will post extracts from new stories twice a day. Click on the links to read the full story and for more articles from that author. Our only aim is to help promote blogs about Thailand. You won’t find any advertising on this blog as it is sponsored by the Paknam Web Network.

They only list the first few lines of each post so readers have to go to the original blog to read the whole post.

I guess it’s a good idea and the site seems reputable. I wish they’d asked before linking to me though – that would have been polite.

Many of my posts have nothing at all to do with Thailand – they’re about software or something that’s interested me. Currently there are 30 extracts on Thailand Voice’s home page. Four of the extracts are from this blog.

I cannot see any downside to letting Thailand Voice link to me. Perhaps there would be a problem if it had links to “bad” content like malware sites: guilt by association. I did not see any of those but it could be a danger if the Thailand Voice site is built by a software robot.

As I said, I wish they’d asked first. Perhaps they adhere to the saying attributed to Grace Hopper that we used to use in HP to confound our managers: “It’s much easier to apologize than it is to get permission”. I think that’s Google’s philosophy too – viz the controversy about the Google Books Library Project.

PS I think Grace Hopper was really cool. I’d have loved to have met her.


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One Response to “Thailand Voice – Promoting Blogs About Thailand”

  1. BKKPhotographer Says:

    Yes, Thailand Voice linked to this post. See

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