ThumbsPlus 8 Available at Last

ThumbsPlus LogoI received the official email notification from Cerious Software this morning. They must have been working over the Christmas / New Year break to release it. The Version 8 Release Notes are here. I discussed their long Beta process (8 releases) here.

I really liked ThumbsPlus. I used it as my photo database (Digital Asset Management – DAM to the hi-so) for years. I was pushing its limits and I made the mistake of forsaking it for ACDSee Pro. That was a disaster and I moved to Lightroom 2. I talked about my migration path in one of my first posts on this blog here and discussed my reasons for abandoning ACDSee Pro here.

Sorry Cerious, you were too late for me. I cannot see how they would ever get me back given my investment in Lightroom (time, not money).

For me the biggest advantage of ThumbsPlus 8 is their scalability. You can use it with an external database, for example MySQL. Cerious understands database technology.

That would address my requirement that I want one database for every picture I have ever taken or will take in my life. Thus if Lightroom breaks down on me I may have to go back to ThumbsPlus. Fortunately one of the new features in ThumbsPlus 8 is XMP support. That should mean I can migrate photos easily keeping the keywords and other metadata intact.

I am sure there would be many other headaches. For one, ThumbsPlus has not moved to storing all the editing information in the database like Lightroom. Reverse-migration would be such a pain I don’t want to think about it.

Congratulations Cerious! I wish you success.


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