Thai University Students Collecting for Charity

Collecting For Charity
It’s a common sight in Bangkok to see groups of university students collecting money for charity. They stand for hours in the hot sun beseeching passers-by for money. Some play musical instruments or perfect a chant to get attention. Like any city Bangkokians are always in a hurry so it’s hard to be noticed.

Today I met a small group collecting money outside Siam Skytrain Station. I asked them if they could tell me about the charity they were collecting for. Usually when I do this the students are embarrassed as they think their English isn’t good enough. Thai universities concentrate on reading and writing but often fall behind on teaching spoken English – much to the frustration of employers.

But in this case the young man in the middle spoke excellent English. He gave me a great summary of the charity they were collecting for. It is for children born to mothers with HIV. The charity is run in a temple in, I think, Pathum Thani.

I was impressed. That young man should go far!

His friends were highly relieved he spoke for them. They were happy to pose for a picture. I love this sort of shot. With so much sadness in the world this shows Thai people at their best.


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One Response to “Thai University Students Collecting for Charity”

  1. fonktok69 Says:

    Nice story and nice shot!
    Happy New Year +3!

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