Remember This Information

Bangkok Taxi Driver ID

Bangkok Taxi Driver ID

All licensed Bangkok taxis require the driver to post an identity card like this on the dashboard. It also shows the toll-free number of the Passenger Protection Centre – 1584.

It’s a good idea to remember (or take a picture of) this information in case of problems. If the driver sees you note it so much the better – he or she (yes there are a few women driving taxis in Bangkok but I estimate less than 1%) may decide it is not worth scamming you.

Most taxi drivers are honest but the few bad apples affect passengers’ perception negatively. See this post on the realities of taxis in Bangkok.


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4 Responses to “Remember This Information”

  1. bangkokinformation Says:

    It is a good information you share for those who are traveling. Most taxis are really taking advantage especially if it is a tourist. Well, I think it happen anywhere in the world.

    • BKKPhotographer Says:

      Yes, it can happen anywhere. I’ve had problems in other cities. In certain countries the Government makes a strong effort to ensure that visitors and tourists are not swindled by taxi drivers. Singapore is a good example. It’s a combination of education and regulation.

      For example to be a taxi driver in Singapore you must pass an English language test and passenger complaints are taken very seriously.

  2. Michael Willems Says:

    Athens, Tripoli, Cairo are also bad. And yes, in Bangkok I have been the victim of a driver attempting to take me for a ride in the figurative sense. Such an obvious farang is an easy victim. Your tip is good and I may add it to the Travel Photography seminar I teach (together with “carry a local newspaper”)…

    • BKKPhotographer Says:

      “Carry a local newspaper”? Please explain!

      In Thailand there are two English language newspapers” “Bangkok Post” and “The Nation”. But carrying them won’t mark you as a local – every hotel above two-stars puts one under your door every morning.

      There’s no point in carrying a Thai language newspaper unless you read Thai – nobody will be fooled.

      So I don’t get it. My advice is do NOT carry a Lonely Planet guide. That is a sure sign of a lost tourist ready for plucking. I was in Phra Arthit this afternoon and tourist families were everywhere, looking lost. Some positively appreciated the helpful tuk-tuk guys offering them a tour for only ten baht.

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