I Took the Printer to Canon

Yesterday, I took my failed Canon MP610 printer to the Canon (Thailand) Service Centre on Sathorn Road. It was a 200B taxi ride including a 45B toll. I rarely take taxis so I did not know the best route. Unfortunately the box was too big for me to take the Subway and Skytrain.

The centre was quiet and they served me almost immediately. They will contact me in a few days with a diagnosis and price. The actual service could take 15 days. My experience with camera repairs suggests it will be less.

Here’s a picture of the Service Centre.

Canon (Thailand) Service & Showroom
I felt self-conscious using a Nikon camera in the Canon office so I did not take many shots.

The district around the Canon office is full of high-rise offices. It is “international bland” and could be almost anywhere. It was lunch time when I finished at Canon. The streets were full of thousands of office workers heading for lunch as they would be almost anywhere. It was a lovely day so I had a cheap lunch people-watching.

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5 Responses to “I Took the Printer to Canon”

  1. BKKPhotographer Says:

    Canon emailed me the repair quotation. 1,750 Baht for a new print head plus a minimum 500 Baht service charge to fit it. With 7% VAT that comes to 2,407.50 Baht.

    That’s about US$72.

    How much would that cost in America?

    They said I will be able to collect it this afternoon.

  2. BKKPhotographer Says:

    I called Canon on Thursday to see if they were open. Nobody answered so I thought they were shut. Too late a I got an email that they were open. Oh well, I’ll pick it up another day. Mai pen rai as they Thai people always say.

  3. fonktok69 Says:

    You were back in my neck of the woods! Next time you’re back this way, let’s grab lunch again! Happy Holidays! m

  4. BKKPhotographer Says:

    I collected the printer today. When I gave it to them the Magenta ink cartridge was low but not empty. Now it is showing empty. They must have printed some tests.

    If Canon really believed in their “Delighting You Always” motto they’d have given me a complimentary cartridge. It’s small money to Canon but it would have delighted me. I’d have written a whole blog post about it.

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