Camellias on a Grid

Camelias on a Grid


Here’s another find from my ancient Flickr history that I’d completely forgotten.

I used to live in Santa Clara, California. It’s a small city about 70km south of San Francisco. It is famous for a few things including having an excellent private university.

The Camellia Society of Santa Clara County holds a show the city every February. I attended the show on February 2006 and afterwards exercised my budding Lightroom skills to create this grid of 24 examples. I still like it although I don’t know what I was thinking to create the grid in that green. Light grey would have been better.

You don’t see camellias in Thailand so this bought back some memories.

If you are interested the 2010 show will be held at the Community Recreation Center, 969 Kiely Boulevard, Santa Clara on February 20th and 21st. I am sure it’s free for visitors.

Here’s a link to the American Camellia Society web site: It has a lot of good photography of some very beautiful flowers.

Camellia Society of Santa Clara Count

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