Photographing the Sunset

Red Bangkok Sunset
We are getting some beautiful sunsets in the cool season.

I fiddled with the camera settings a lot to persuade it to display what I saw. I don’t have time as the sun sets fast in the tropics and the shades of the sky change quickly. I found 2/3 of a stop under-exposure worked well with a minimum of post-processing in Lightroom.

I put the camera on my monopod to take this shot. I used the Canon EOS-30D’s highest ISO – 1600 and it selected 1/30 second at F3.5. I did not see any point at stopping the lens down to get a better depth-of-field (DOF) as there is not much detail available in this light.

I’d love to see what the Canon EOS-7D would make of this scene with its maximum ISO of 12800. That is three stops extra sensitivity so an equivalent exposure would be 1/125 second.

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3 Responses to “Photographing the Sunset”

  1. Michael Willems Says:


    Did you consider using a tripod and 100 ISO, instead? For night shots, low ISO is great since you get great quality and when using a tripod who cares about the exposure time…

    • BKKPhotographer Says:

      I set up my camera on a tripod with a cable release this evening to get some sunset shots at different ISOs. What happened?

      It was a cloudy, disappointing sunset not worth the bits to photograph. I will try again tomorrow.

  2. BKKPhotographer Says:

    I have some comparison shots somewhere where I shot through the entire range of ISOs available on the camera. I think the issue with longer exposures was that the lights and billboards over-exposed and I thought they spoiled the shot a bit. OTOH of course the grain/noise is far less.

    Next time we have a good sunset I won’t be lazy and will get the tripod out.

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