Quiet Birthday Party

Bangkok's Birthday Party

Bangkok's Birthday Party

The Bangkok Metropolitan Administration put a lot of effort into Bangkok’s 38th Birthday Party. They have filled the plaza in front of City Hall with booths and displays.

As far as I can see they are all about how the government is taking good care of the city. Of course there are many booths selling food, clothes and knick-knacks as well.

The party was almost deserted when I visited on the afternoon of the second day. Many city workers were sitting around with nothing to do. But I am sure it beat sitting at their desks.

There’s a special song about “Krung Thep” (the short Thai name for the city) to go along with the party.

It’s open until 10pm so perhaps it is busier in the evenings.

But there was no cake.

I have more pictures that I’ll post to Flickr. Leave me a comment if you’d like to see them.


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2 Responses to “Quiet Birthday Party”

  1. maewnam Says:

    I am a little bit confused on what is actually celebrated. The merger of Thonburi and Phra Nakhon was on December 21 1971, so that has the 38th anniversary soon. But in fact the Bangkok Metropolitan Administration (BMA) who celebrates now was established on December 13 1972, so that actually has just its 37th birthday. Or since they start the celebration on December 14 maybe the 38 refers to the beginning of the 38th year of existence?

    I plan to write a little bit on the anniversary on my blog tomorrow as well, linking to this post and if you have, also to the flickr set with the photos, so it’d be great if you’d have the other photos uploaded as well.

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