Faster Internet in Thailand!

AAG LogoThis is very good news: Thailand connected to the new Asia America Gateway (AAG). It should mean faster internet speeds for me.

I looked at the official AAG web site: It isn’t informative to visitors and I did not see an announcement.

I will make a note of any speed improvements.

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6 Responses to “Faster Internet in Thailand!”

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    […] For the past few days the site has been impossibly slow. Other sites are fine with the new Asia America Gateway so it must be something up with the Adobe […]

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    […] Bangkok. Even though my internet access is faster than it was because of Google Public DNS and the Asia-America Gateway (AAG) it is still creaky, especially at […]

  3. digitalshootingdotnet Says:

    I use Maxnet Premier 3MB and since Thursday 17, the connection is crappy. Maximum of 40 or 60kb/s and sawtooth connection. Even some connection drop. Before this date it was running very smooth and fast for several months. My guess is they are re-routing to the new cable, but of course they (Maxnet) will never tell you what is really going on. I will wait one or two more days and will call them if the problems persists. Do you experience similar problems ?

  4. BKKPhotographer Says:

    I’ve found Google DNS is better for me than True’s server but yes, it won’t help if Maxnet is feeding everything through temporary bamboo tubes while they are maintaining their wires.

    Good luck.


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