Terminal 21 Construction, Bangkok

On the north side of Asok Skytrain Station on Sukhumvit Road, Bangkok used to be some car showrooms for Ford and Volvo vehicles. They were demolished about two years ago.

The site is being redeveloped as the Terminal 21 office, condo and shopping centre. Reportedly it will be a 42 storey tower over a nine storey retail complex.

Right across the Sukhumvit – Asok Montri intersection (aka Sukhumvit Soi 21) is the “Interchange 21” development. It is complete but seems to have few tenants. I wonder how this equally large development will fare.

Construction seemed very slow as the builders did a lot of work underground including sinking large piles into the ground. But now the above ground work is speeding along and there is visible progress every day.

Asok Skytrain Station is a good vantage point. I have been taking panorama and wide-angle photographs whenever I visit the station. Here is a selection from Flickr. It’s best to go to the Flickr page by clicking on the picture to see the full-sized picture.
Sukhumvit Construction Panorama
22 July 2008
Sukhumvit Showrooms Panorama
25 February 2009
16 May 2009
Sukhumvit Showroom Site Construction
8 October 2009
Terminal 21 Construction
4 November 2009
Terminal 21 Construction Progress
12 December 2009

Within a few months the skyscraper will dwarf the station. Then I think the photographs won’t be as interesting.

There is still an old market on Asok-Montri road right across from Soi Cowboy. I don’t know how it survived being included in the project. It blocks access to Terminal 21 from that major road. Property ownership and redevelopment is often a mystery in Bangkok.

Here’s a picture of the competing Interchange 21 skyscraper.

Interchange 21 Building, Bangkok

Interchange 21

Here is a map:

View Larger Map

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