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Beginner's guide to HD video


I have written before that I am not a video person. But this is a very useful and timely beginner’s guide to the video capabilities of the latest cameras. Shooting video is one of the reasons I may buy a Canon EOS-7D next year. I want to learn the technology. If the EOS-7D’s video is good enough for many professionals it is good enough for me.

My Nikon Coolpix P6000 has some very basic video capability. I have used it occasionally but it is not impressive.

With the inclusion of video on so many cameras now it is surely becoming an imperative for Adobe Photoshop Lightroom to support it. At least for import and metadata purposes. It is infuriating that Lightroom 2 ignores it completely and refuses to even import a thumbnail.

Jeff Friedl attempted to address this with a Video Asset Management plugin but he was limited by Lightroom’s architecture and it is not a good solution. I tried it and deleted it.

I wonder how the Lightroom team view the video challenge? I don’t think there is anything about it in the Lightroom 3 Beta release.

If I was a Lightroom product manager I would want to keep the product’s focus on still photography but I would:

  1. Allow users to import video files to the Lightroom catalog. Indeed I think Lightroom should import all files and provide at least basic indexing for them. Leaving files un-imported is unforgivable.
  2. Provide thumbnails in Grid View at least.
  3. Allow users to add metadata in the same way as for still photos. If they cannot embed the metadata as XMP blocks in the video file then store it in sidecar files as they do for RAW pictures.
  4. Don’t address video editing in Lightroom 3. Instead allow users to edit the video by linking to the user’s selected video editor in the same way they link to Photoshop or another photo editor today. This would also make the Lightroom team friends with the Adobe Premiere team.
  5. It’s probably easy to display the video using a standard plugin.

That should not be a lot of work. Good for the tick sheet!

It will still be a while before you see anything from the Frugal Bangkok Photographer on You Tube.


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2 Responses to “HD Video & Digital Cameras – Dpreview.com”

  1. Michael Willems Says:

    “Leaving files un-imported is unforgivable.”

    Hear hear. I have made this note also. It makes no sense, because it breaks my “disconnect card after importing” algorithm. This may seem a small point but it is one reason I don;t do video with my 7D. Life is too short to sit there all night reinserting cards and switching between desktop and apps, just to get files imported.

    • BKKPhotographer Says:

      How about if you copy all the files from your card to a backup drive (the one you currently use to make backups of the originals in LR’s import dialog) – then import to LR from there?

      Do you have any recommendations for products to catalog and edit video?

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