Constitution Day in Thailand

Democracy Monument, Bangkok

Democracy Monument, Bangkok

Today, December 10th is Constitution Day in Thailand. It commemorates the signing of the constitution in 1932 that made the Kingdom into a Constitutional Monarchy.

This is the centre of the Democracy Monument on Ratchadamnoen Klang Avenue. It is a representation of the 1932 Constitution on top of two golden offering bowls above a round turret. Surrounding the turret are four wing-like structures which guard the Constitution, representing the four branches of the Thai Armed Forces.

The Monument has served as a rallying point for several generations of democracy activists in Thailand. It was the focus of the mass student demonstrations against the military regime in 1973, and of the protests that triggered the 1976 military coup. In 1992 soldiers killed scores of Thais as they protested at the Monument against another military regime.

Another Election is Coming

Campaign Truck

The democratic process is still going strong in Thailand. There is another election, I think for local counsellors in the districts (khets) of Bangkok. Here is a campaign truck from the Democrat Party.

There is a useful calendar of holidays in Thailand at


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4 Responses to “Constitution Day in Thailand”

  1. Andy Says:

    Must be the district councils, each of the 50 districts in Bangkok has its elected council. Since the last were in 2006, around April next year the next elections are forthcoming. Don’t know if the election date(s) are already fixed.

  2. maewnam Says:

    I have found dates for these election, though not sure if they are official already. That article I found gave April 29 as the first round in 14 districts, and July 22 for the remaining 36 districts. If that truck is really campaigning for Din Daeng, then it is really early, as Din Daeng is in the second round.

    • BKKPhotographer Says:

      Doesn’t the Election Commission control the dates through which campaigning can take place?

      I think this is an official Democrat Party truck. Maybe it is something else – perhaps from another district. Perhaps the truck just happened to be parked at my local supermarket.

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