BNE Graffiti in Bangkok

Here’s an interview with the man who claims to be behind the BNE graffiti and stickers.  See They are common in Bangkok.

I suspect there may be many copycats who use the same initials in their tags.

I have posted some photos of BNE in Bangkok to Flickr.

Quiet on Silom Road, Bangkok
Bangkok Graffiti
BNE Still Shows Up
There's Still Plenty of BNE Graffiti in Bangkok
Another BNE Graffiti in Bangkok
Most BNEs in Bangkok are stickers. Surprisingly I did not post any to Flickr but there is a group for all BNE graffiti that has many examples:

Here’s one good one:

BNE in Bangkok by antwerpenR

BNE in Bangkok by antwerpenR / CC BY 2.0

I don’t know if I am doing this attribution thing correctly. I searched Flickr for BNE graffiti in Bangkok with a Creative Commons license. This very nice picture taken with a fish eye lens has an Attribution license. I think I am correct in posting the two links above. But please don’t arrest me if I misunderstood: “I’ll correct it officer!”


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2 Responses to “BNE Graffiti in Bangkok”

  1. fontok69 Says:

    That was a beautiful old door before the BNE guy go to it!

  2. Space Invader on Sukhumvit Road, Bangkok « Bkkphotographer's Blog Says:

    […] They’re a lot more inventive than the BNE graffiti. […]

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