Thai Aviation Dot Net

Thai Aviation
I often see aircraft in Thailand and want to know their details. In the old days I bought annual books, for example the Ian Allan series published in the UK. Now there are so many free resources available on the net, a frugal transport enthusiast does not need to buy them. I pity the poor specialist publisher.

I wrote recently about it is excellent for airline fleet rosters worldwide. For Thai aviation I have found nothing better that In addition to a full historical Thai civil roster the site has lists of Thai military and government aircraft and helicopters. It also has listings of museum stock – useful for my visits to the Royal Thai Air Force Museum – and “wrecks and relics”.

I offered the site curator, Steve Darke, my photos of Thai helicopters taken from my apartment window and other interesting shots.

I put them in a Picasa Web album:

Thai Aviation

You can also see a slideshow at


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