A Bangkok Haircut

I take a very easy route to having a haircut in Bangkok – QB House.

There are so many choices from hi-so salons in hotels and shopping malls to tiny hairdressing shops in the back sois. One small shop near the apartment charges 40 Baht for a haircut. That’s less than US$2.

I use a medium price option – QB House. It’s a Japanese company with several branches in Bangkok. For a flat cost of 100 Baht they’ll cut your hair in 10 minutes or less. That’s their only service. No washing, tinting or conditioning – just a cut. There’s a branch in the Metro Mall at Sukhumvit Subway Station.

Since I have been in Thailand I have had my hair cut very short. It started as a mistake. I went to QB House and said I wanted my hair cut short. The hairdresser said “number 2, OK?”

I didn’t know what he was talking about but said “yes” without thinking. I then got absorbed watching the little TV that’s in front of you. When I looked up I found he’d just about shaved my scalp. “Number 2” is a setting for the electric hair clippers. I guess “Number 1” is completely bald whereas with Number 2 I have about 5 mm of hair.

Of course I could not stop him with my head half shaved so I thought “mai pen rai” and let him finish. When I found out how much cooler it is in the tropical weather with very short hair I have had “Number 2” ever since.

I used to pay US$14 (plus tip) at a neighbourhood hairdressers in Santa Clara, California, so 100 Baht plus a very generous (for Thailand) 20 Baht tip is a bargain for frugal me.

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