Always Something to Photograph in Bangkok

Thai Gamer Festival @ MBK
On Sunday I went to the Siam Square area of Bangkok. A friend had posted photos of a motorcycle show and I wanted to get my own pictures.

Unfortunately Saturday must have been the last day. There were no bikers – just cars in the car park outside the Hard Rock Cafe. I wandered randomly down the road and came to MBK Center. There was a Thai Gamer Festival taking place.

No Thai event is worth the name without “pretties” promoting the latest and greatest. And part of their duties include posing prettily for photographers. They are always charming and photogenic.

I posted a few pictures to Flickr here. I thought the young woman above was particularly good. I am not a gamer so I have no idea what she was promoting.

I took my Canon EOS-30D with me with my “Nifty Fifty” 50mm lens. It works well as a general purpose lens despite being “compact macro”. As always after using the sluggish Nikon Coolpix P6000 it was so good to go out with a camera that takes a photograph the moment you press the shutter release – not (seemingly) several seconds later.

Of course I paid a price in weight around my neck – but the 50mm lens is quite light. And I paid a price later as I had to geotag all the pictures manually. But it was worth it for the speed and flexibility of the DSLR design and implementation.

So when I feel low it is good for me to go out with a camera. There is always something interesting happening in Bangkok, even if it isn’t what I expected. And a smile from a beautiful woman is always cheering to the soul.

Thai Gamer Festival

Thai Gamer Festival

The festival is over now, but I bet there’s something equally interesting in its place or close by.


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