Jusco Rachada Closing in 2010?

My Local Supermarket

Jusco Supermarket in 2007

Somebody told me yesterday that my local supermarket, Jusco, will close in February 2010. Apparently they cannot keep up with the competition. I noticed they have not invested much in the property, especially since IT City moved out of the third floor last year.

Jusco and Carrefour

Jusco & Carrefour

There is a larger Carrefour supermarket next door. There are two Tops Markets within 400 metres, one in the Esplanade complex and another under Robinson’s Department Store. There is a Tesco-Lotus store less than a mile away in Fortune Town Mall.

Jusco is the closest to the apartment and it has a good range of Thai and Western food. I think the fresh produce (vegetables) are better than Carrefour. Moreover the staff and always friendly and helpful. In Carrefour the staff often seem tired and overworked.

I hope they don’t close the car park as that is the shortest route to the Subway Station. Cutting through Carrefour would be a pain.

Every Wednesday is “Jusco Day“. Shoppers get a 25 Baht coupon for every 500 Baht they spend – a 5% discount. I don’t know it makes much sense financially. I am sure many people are like me and do weekly shopping on Wednesdays. If Jusco Day did not exist I’d probably buy the same goods on other days. Jusco does not have any loyalty card scheme so they hand out 5% discounts to everybody without collecting any data about their shopping habits. Tops, Carrefour and Tesco-Lotus all have loyalty cards.

According to the Wikipedia article my Jusco is the one remaining store in Bangkok. Clearly they cannot compete against the big companies.

Friendly Motorcycle Taxi Drivers

Motorcycle Taxi Drivers Outside Jusco

My local friendly motorcycle taxi drivers will also lose their spot. They seem busy all the time.


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