Boring but Economical Prepaid Phone Topup

Electronic Phone Topup

Electronic Phone Top-up - 1-2-Call

I wrote before here about how prevalent prepaid calling plans are for mobile phones in Thailand. Here’s an example of a top-up for 100 Baht generated on-the-spot at a 7-11 store. It’s only for phones provided by 1-2-Call.

This replaces the attractive printed top-up cards that have a number on a scratch-off portion on the back.

It must save 1-2-Call and its vendors a lot in distribution and security costs. Top-up cards are like cash.

I guess the only drawbacks are

  • If any part of the federated computer system between the store and 1-2-Call fails they cannot sell top-ups. I have never seen any problems but I bet they happen, especially in country areas.
  • There are not any advertising or promotional opportunities with these tickets printed on a thermal printer in the store. With Happy I have seen all sorts of cross-promotions on their printed cards.
  • As with stamps, some people like to collect unused top-up cards and keep them in albums, trade them and so on. That’s great revenue for the telco. Nobody will collect cash register tapes will they?



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