Crowdscience User Surveys

I’m frustrated! I found out about a free (the Bangkok Frugal Photographer likes free) service that can survey visitors to this site. I found it through a link in an article I was reading on Google Reader. I thought it would be good to learn more about my visitors. All I know is the gross number from my WordPress statistics and the city / country they are from. The latter comes from my Feedjit widget.

So I went to the Crowdscience web site and set up an account. It was pretty simple – the usual stuff including an email validation. Then I told it about this blog. You can have multiple sites under one Crowdscience account.

Crowdscience Survey

Finally Crowdscience gave me the code to embed in every page that I want to generate a random request to take their survey. BUT …

It was a reference to a JavaScript provided by Crowdscience. I knew at once that WordPress would have nothing to do with it “for security reasons”. Just like my Picasa Web embedded slide shows. And so it didn’t – and I could not find any workarounds on the Crowdscience web site.

Once again Crowdscience needs to work with WordPress to get a special embed code as Picapp and a few others did. I wasted a whole 15 minutes of my valuable time to find that out!

I feel another Mr. Fredrickson moment coming on.



One Response to “Crowdscience User Surveys”

  1. BKKPhotographer Says:

    I still cannot find anything about support on the Crowd Science site. I sent them a support email.

    “Is there any way you can support blogs? WP does not allow scripts in blogs. They support other services like Google Maps using a custom code developed with them. Is this available for Crowd Science?”

    Although there are many WordPress I don’t think Crowd Science will rush to support them as bloggers are not likely to be paying customers.

    Of course my Google Pages site doesn’t support scripts either. I already knew that.

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