Ayutthaya Trip

I went to Ayutthaya this weekend. Ayutthata (พระนครศรีอยุธยา) is the ancient capital of Thailand when it was known as Siam. Like Bangkok it is on the Chao Phraya River. I took an hour’s river cruise which was good for photography as well as enjoyable in the cooling breeze. The weather is excellent now. When the Thai people start to say it is cold (“now!”) then I know it’s just the right temperature for me.

There’s a bit more information about Ayutthaya on Wikipedia here. Ayutthaya is also the name of a province. There’s a lot of industry in Ayutthaya province so it is quite a diversified place. The city is an easy hour’s drive from Bangkok.

Here‘s a link to a big slide show on my Google Site. It has pictures from Picasa Web.

Ayutthaya Trip 2009-11-21

Ayutthaya is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. There’s some information about its status here. The Thai Government has invested in improving the city and its attractions to keep that status. Since I last visited in 2007 they built a large Visitors’ Centre. However it was deserted when I was there.

I saw few foreign tourists but many Thai people. That was good as the prices are reasonable for Thai people and the people are friendly. Immediately a tour bus pulls up the prices go up and the attitude goes down. Such is life.

There are four other UNESCO World Heritage Sites in Thailand:


  • Historic Town of Sukhothai and Associated Historic Towns
  • Thungyai-Huai Kha Khaeng Wildlife Sanctuaries
  • Ban Chiang Archaeological Site
  • Dong Phayayen-Khao Yai Forest Complex
  • I confess I have not been to them. I should make the effort.


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    3 Responses to “Ayutthaya Trip”

    1. fonktok69 Says:

      Sukhothai is defintely worth a trip.
      You can take the train to Phitsanalouk, then it’s not too far to Sukhothai.

      see: http://www.pbase.com/mataho/_sukhothai_thailand_

    2. hkkbs Says:

      How much did you pay for the cruise at Ayutthaya?

      • BKKPhotographer Says:

        Sorry, but I don’t know! In tourist places my tactic is to hide while my Thai friends negotiate local-prices. If I appear the prices go up.

        I did not see any other Westerners in this area but I still kept a low profile just in case.

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