Still Life in Moving Vehicles – Bangkok Taxi Decorations


Bangkok Taxis

I found this blog quite by accident –

The author, Dale, regularly posts pictures of the decorations inside Bangkok taxis in which he travels. Often they are excellent quality: impressive for pictures taken in a moving vehicle,

But more interesting is that he’s spoken with the taxi driver and usually has an interesting explanation or anecdote to go with the picture.

I’ve had bad experiences with scamming Bangkok taxi drivers so I tend to avoid them unless I have no alternative. Dale posted some good advice for travelers:

Following are a few simple rules to follow to avoid getting burned by cabbies in the “City of Angels”:
  1. Do not take taxis that are sitting and waiting in tourist areas.
  2. Make sure the driver turns on the meter.
  3. Carry a map as a guide for yourself, but don’t expect your driver to use it or look at it.
  4. Bring a business card or get the address of your destination written in Thai.
  5. Do not believe some recommendations or claims from your cabbie such as, “I know this great seafood restaurant” or “The Grand Palace is closed today”.
I’d add two pieces of advice.
  • Avoid taxis without a “Taxi – Meter” roof sign like this one:
Beware of These Taxis

No Roof Sign

They are unlicensed and more likely to scam you.

  • Make a note of the taxi’s license number if you leave something behind or have a complaint. The number is displayed on the license plates front and rear in Thai characters and is also painted on the front doors. But more conveniently inside the taxi the number is in Thai and English letters on a sign on both rear doors. Call 1644 in Bangkok if you lose something in a taxi.
Taxi Number

Taxi Number


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One Response to “Still Life in Moving Vehicles – Bangkok Taxi Decorations”

  1. Michael Willems Says:

    Excellent advice. Thanks.

    I use my iPhone to shoot taxi numbers. Just in case also.

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