Funny Story

Ice Coffee

Ice Coffee

Last week a friend asked me to photograph some wheatgrass healthy drinks for his company. I gave him a CD containing all the pictures.

Yesterday evening he called me to say that one of the pictures was missing. How could this be? I put copies of every picture I took on the CD. Then I realised … his assistant gave me a cup of ice coffee and I did not know it was another photographic subject. So I drank it!

No harm done – I went back this morning and took a picture of another cup. Then I drank it.

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6 Responses to “Funny Story”

  1. Michael Willems Says:

    You’re lucky: normally, food for photos is fake food, made to look extra good by adding stuff that’s not fit for consumption. Or it’s old food that’s gone bad anyway.

    How are you feeling?


  2. mdee88 Says:

    LOL-i see a lot of real food in my photoshoots here in manila as well. maybe it’s an asian thing…

  3. Michael Willems Says:

    Crunch! 🙂

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