ISO 102,400?

Canon EOS-1D Mark IVHere’s another camera the Bangkok Frugal Photographer won’t be purchasing unless he wins the Lottery. The US$5,000 Canon EOS-1D Mark IV. And that’s for the body only. None of my inexpensive lenses would do it justice.

Of course it looks like a lovely piece of hardware. Far too heavy to carry arround though.

The extended ISO speed of 102,800 “the highest ISO ever offered by a Canon SLR” caught my eye. To me that’s an un-imaginable capability to gather light. I will be very interested to see an independent test of its capability. may have to develop a new test procedure to exercise it.

The marketing statement implies that other SLRs have offered a higher ISO capability. Or perhaps that a Canon non-SLR exists or existed with a higher ISO. Is that true? Or are they attorney weasel-words to be ultra-safe?

What is the fastest analog film ever produced?


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2 Responses to “ISO 102,400?”

  1. mdee88 Says:

    I am with you on the lottery. I’d love to get my hands on the MK IV but the 50D and 7D suits my projects more than enough. After all, it’s the lens that makes more of a difference. If you do win the lotto, go get yourself a 24-70 f2.8L and 70-200 f2.8L IS USM. Good luck!

  2. BKKPhotographer Says:

    Turns out that the new Nikon D3s has ISO 102,400 too. There’s a gallery of pictures from ISO 100 to 102,400 on the Professional Photography Magazine website at

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