Good Job I Didn’t Go Out

Good Job I Didn't Go Out
The Thai rainy season is meant to have finished now. Through the end of the year should be the “cool season”. I believe this is the best time to visit the country. I remember the first time I came to Thailand in 1982. I left England with snow on the ground and arrived in Bangkok to bright sun and warmth.

I was going to go out today but just after lunch it started to pour with rain and I retreated home. Thai people believe that there will be one last big storm before the rainy season really ends. So they are hoping this is it.

There’s not much photography I can do when it is raining like this. I shot a quick photo from the apartment window. I am thinking of the people who have to work outside in the rain like the motorcycle taxi drivers. As usual the soi outside the apartment is flooding fast.


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3 Responses to “Good Job I Didn’t Go Out”

  1. fonktok69 Says:

    I went out about 1:30 to take pictures, it was just starting to rain, so I ducked into a massage shop instead. I could hear it pouring like crazy outside — thunder and lightning, too! Two hours later my Thai massage was over and the big rain had stopped. I walked up Silom, bought some food and went home. Not one shot! Another day in BKK…

  2. Gaeng Says:

    It hasn’t rained since. The rain season is over. Yea!

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