Wheatgrass with Collagen

Wheatgrass with Collagen

Wheatgrass with Collagen


I had a busy day doing another product shoot for a friend in Huay Khwang. He had a range of wheatgrass products and drinks to be staged and photographed.

As before I used the Canon EOS-30D outside on a tripod with a single flash to provide some fill light. We used a simple white web board as a backdrop.

I used my Canon EF 50mm F2.5 Compact Macro Lens set to F8. It’s a nice sharp little lens and I was pleased with the results.

Most of the work was in Photoshop where I had to separate the product from the background and put it in a separate layer. That makes it easy for a designer to incorporate it into an advertisement, brochure or a banner.

I wish I was more adept with the Lightroom pen tool so I could make proper paths. But results using selections were fine on simple shapes.

I saved the pictures for delivery as a layered TIF file with a 50% grey background. I saved a Levels Adjustment Layer for the product so a graphics artist or designer can adjust the picture easily. I also delivered JPEG files for use on the web.

The only embarrassment came when I printed the label for the CD. One of the ink cartridges on my Canon MP610 printer silent ran out of ink so the customer’s logo is discoloured. It’s not vital but I prefer everything to be perfect.

4 Responses to “Wheatgrass with Collagen”

  1. Michael Willems Says:

    Did I do apost on product stuff? One thing you can also do is add a simple umbrella. One stand + Umbrella and a white piece of paper (“bristol-board” or similar) will do it for you. Umbrella close to object; flash fired into umbrella (use an off-camera flash cable). You’ll not have to do any PS work. And, use FEC (Fash Exp. Comp.) +1-2 stops.

    • BKKPhotographer Says:

      I should have asked you before I went out this morning!

      I think the pictures came out very well with almost no post- work. Most of the Photoshopping was to separate the product into a separate layer.

  2. Michael Willems Says:

    🙂 Yes, the light was good. No direct sunlight!

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    […] week a friend asked me to photograph some wheatgrass healthy drinks for his company. I gave him a CD containing all the […]

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