Shooting My Lunch Again

Shooting My Lunch Again
This time it’s Thai food.

Green chicken curry with cold noodles and preserved egg at S&P, Rachada. 95B.

See and

This time I used RAW with the Nikon Coolpix P6000 and adjusted the colours quite carefully in Lightroom. The restaurant had strange fluorescent lighting to a JPEG looked most unappetizing.

This is one of my favourite Thai lunch snacks. It’s quite light but delicious. Even chain restaurants like S&P have to maintain a good standard of food. We have so many choices.

Unfortunately this is what many Bangkok people eat:
[picapp src=”b/7/b/9/Thai_Government_Gives_2624.jpg?adImageId=7370428&imageId=2535429″ width=”397″ height=”594″ /]

Frugal Note

I am boycotting the Bangkok Subway for a few days. They put the price of a 30-day pass up to 1,150B recently. I have so many choices for everything I need close to home. I won’t buy another pass until I have to travel further afield.


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