My Most Interesting Photos

I found a use for my Google Sites web site!

I found a free (the Bangkok Frugal Photographer likes free) mashup service called iMapFlickr that can plot geocoded pictures from a Flickr set on a Google map.

iMapFlickr is in the new Flickr App Garden. I think I can waste spend weeks there playing experimenting with different toys tools.

I tried creating one from my set of fifty Most Interesting Flickr photos.

WordPress does not let you embed iMapFlickr maps in their blogs, but Google Sites does. So I created a page for this purpose. It’s here.

This is a static link to my map on the iMapFlickr site.

Google Sites edits the code I copied from iMapFlickr and pasted into its HTML editing box. They must have worked out a trust arrangement. That’s not suprising since iMapFlickr uses Google Maps. Of course Yahoo owns Flickr so it is an interesting example of the openness of these mashups. I love it.

I remember we had a similar vision of integrating separately developed applications over 20 years ago in HP with New Wave and the Distributed Application architecture (DAA). (Thank you Joe.)

It’s great to see the ideas realized, although in a completely different implementation. (Cruder of course – we were perfectionists and thus totally un-commercial).

I’m not sure if the map updates automatically when the tool regenerates my Most Interesting set every 24 hours. In other words, is it dynamically linked to the set, or statically to the pictures that were in the set wehn I made the map? Some experiments are in order.

I stopped using EveryTrail because it does not import my pictures from Picasa Web as it implied. It links to them. I have to delete pictures from Picasa Web to make space for more so my EveryTrail maps eventually become meaningless. Or at least photo-less.

Flickr does not delete your pictures, even for a free user like me. It hides all but the most recent 200 but you can still find them if they are in Groups.

I use another service to generate my Most Interesting set: Dopiaza’s set generator. I’ve been using it for years – it must have been one of the first external Flickr Apps.

Flickr is so huge and open programatically that it attracts this ecosystem of external apps and tools. I still don’t understand how anybody makes money like this but it is definitely a clever idea.


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2 Responses to “My Most Interesting Photos”

  1. Darren James Says:

    hi, thanks for your comments, we’re glad you like our app!

    We are aware of the problem with WordPress, but because the default WP installation strips out iframe tags it means you can’t currently embed maps made with iMapflickr in WordPress, unless you have a custom installation.

    If it helps you do less experimentation, we only store the set or search information, so if you add more photos to a set, or tag photos that match your search, they should appear automatically in your map.

    Oh, and great photos by the way, I don’t think I’ve ever seen cars that cool in Bangkok before!

    • BKKPhotographer Says:


      Thanks for the update. You saved me a bit of work!

      It looks like the WordPress solution is for them to enable a “tag” for sources that they trust. As they do for Picapp and Google Maps. I don’t know the process for getting an ‘iMapFlickr’ tag supported by their servers. I think it would be a great idea.

      Glad you like the Bangkok pictures.

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