Shooting my Lunch

Lunch at Little Home Bakery

This is my photo for Michael Willem’s assignment “Shoot Your Lunch Tomorrow”. See here.

I guess it would have been more interesting to take a photo of some exotic Thai food, but today I felt in the mood for “farang food”.

I was on Silom Road and remembered a restaurant called Little Home Bakery in the basement of the Central Department Store right by Sala Daeng Skytrain Station. They have a big menu from Western food through some fairly elaborate Thai dishes.

Inside you’d think you were in an American family restaurant. My “American Breakfast” included bacon, eggs, a grilled tomato and home fried potatoes. There were side orders of both toast and pancakes. A cup of tea or coffee was included in the 165 Baht price. That’s about US$5.

The portion was small by US standards and the coffee wasn’t a “bottomless cup”. But that’s no bad thing – American portions tend to be excessive. I’m down to my “ideal weight” for my height after three years here. In the States I was getting a bit “prosperous”.

I could quibble about the quality of the potatoes but overall it was good and freshly cooked.

I usually take a photo of my food in a restaurant unless it is a very hi-so place. I wrote here about cameras that have a special setting for food photography. I used the “close up” setting on my Nilon Coolpx P6000 and used the available light in the restaurant.

Here are some examples from my Flickr photostream:

Ostrich Steak
Rice with Dried Pork
Spring Rolls with Papaya & Crab Meat
Laab with Prawns
Pork Fillet With Mushroom Sauce
Northern Thai Curry
Snack at Foodland

There are many more.


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3 Responses to “Shooting my Lunch”

  1. Michael Willems Says:

    Farang food, indeed. But it still looks better than the food I;d get in London. The Thai on teh ketchup bottles makes a difference. too.

    The three settings to get right in food: shutter speed (to avoid blur); exposure (to avoid under-exposing) and colour saturation (to avoid dull-looking food).

    It’s 9am and looking at all this food makes me hungry. And I;m not even a breakfast eater!

  2. BKKPhotographer Says:

    I wish I could put notes on pictures in Lightroom like I can in Flickr. They are good for “notes to self”.


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