Flickr Notes Photo Upload Tool

Flickr Noting Upload MethodThis is new: Flickr now notes the tool that was used to upload a picture in its “Additional Information” panel. In my case it is invariably “Jeffrey’s Export-to-Flickr Lightroom Plugin“. It provides a link to a Flickr page in its “App Garden” which in turn links to Jeffrey’s web site.

That’s a great idea. Jeffrey has done a superlative job with the plugin and he deserves the publicity. I wish I was still an adept programmer who could write my own plugins.

I wonder if Jeffrey is aware of this new publicity. The Flickr descriptive page needs a screenshot.


One Response to “Flickr Notes Photo Upload Tool”

  1. BKKPhotographer Says:

    I put a note on Jeffrey’s blog at

    That page is getting extremely long with comments, bug reports and comments.

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