Cyber World Towers, Bangkok

CyberWorld Towers
Cyber World Towers is a long running development in the Rachadapisek area of Northern Bangkok. The towers are built on top of a former Tokyu department store.

In January 2008 both towers were heavily damaged by fire in a mysterious blaze in the early hours. They were incomplete at the time and I don’t think anybody was hburt. Some people believe the buildings are jinxed.

Now they look externally complete and there are lights on inside. I’ll have to go and check. There is a web site for the project here.

“Cyber” now sounds a bit dated as a prefix for a building or project name. It used to be all the rage, especially in Asia.

This photo was taken from the 9th floor of my apartment building across the road about 400m distant. I used an image stabilized lens on the Canon EOS-30D. 1/2 second at 800ASA worked reasonably well.

I’d love to see how a new camera like the Canon EOS-&D would do with this shot. I think it has far better High-ISO performance.

Here’s a picture of the towers in July 2008. Repairs are taking place.

Cyber World Towers

I posted another picture of the Towers here in another context.

There’s a news story on the fire here.


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