Picapp Hong Kong

Here are some of my favourite old photographs of Hong Kong that I found on Picapp. There are over 300 pages to look at.

[picapp src=”4/0/1/a/Canadian_Liner_552d.jpg?adImageId=7081202&imageId=5387166″ width=”500″ height=”371″ /]
[picapp src=”7/5/a/2/Hong_Kong_Ferry_ed00.jpg?adImageId=7059491&imageId=3270675″ width=”500″ height=”499″ /]
I think this is a Star Ferry.
[picapp src=”3/0/9/9/Majestic_Cunarder_9870.jpg?adImageId=7081206&imageId=5671983″ width=”500″ height=”750″ /]
[picapp src=”c/e/2/b/Chinese_Transport_f200.jpg?adImageId=7081237&imageId=2588726″ width=”500″ height=”415″ /]
[picapp src=”a/0/b/c/Western_Architecture_663d.jpg?adImageId=7081241&imageId=4795986″ width=”500″ height=”534″ /]
[picapp src=”e/6/a/4/Rickshaw_For_Hire_5a00.jpg?adImageId=7081245&imageId=2989379″ width=”500″ height=”345″ /]
An early colour photo – circa 1955.
[picapp src=”c/1/4/2/Business_Quarter_689c.jpg?adImageId=7081251&imageId=3069054″ width=”500″ height=”352″ /]
The Star Ferry boats haven’t changed at all.
[picapp src=”6/3/b/5/Loading_Noodles_155e.jpg?adImageId=7081259&imageId=2098184″ width=”500″ height=”503″ /]
[picapp src=”7/0/4/c/Leaning_Scaffolding_88eb.jpg?adImageId=7081267&imageId=4611919″ width=”500″ height=”375″ /]
[picapp src=”3/1/e/b/Chris_Patten_c6e8.jpg?adImageId=7081282&imageId=3805664″ width=”500″ height=”503″ /]
I admire Chris Patten and what he achieved in his term as the last Governor of Hong Kong.
[picapp src=”0/b/b/9/SinoBritish_Agreement_fab7.jpg?adImageId=7081287&imageId=2976213″ width=”500″ height=”341″ /]
[picapp src=”e/b/6/8/Hong_Kong_HQ_109d.jpg?adImageId=7081288&imageId=2636295″ width=”500″ height=”468″ /]
I think the Prince of Wales Building is still there as the HQ for Chinese Forces in Hong Kong.
[picapp src=”1/c/0/5/Queen_And_Dragon_04d7.jpg?adImageId=7081296&imageId=3369356″ width=”500″ height=”364″ /]
[picapp src=”2/f/4/6/Seawise_University_eb1e.jpg?adImageId=7081297&imageId=4754247″ width=”500″ height=”332″ /]
[picapp src=”8/a/9/a/End_Of_A_cc4f.jpg?adImageId=7081299&imageId=5671895″ width=”500″ height=”750″ /]
Very sad.
[picapp src=”c/7/3/1/Hong_Kong_At_f5a6.jpg?adImageId=7081308&imageId=2726532″ width=”500″ height=”392″ /]
[picapp src=”1/e/b/6/AntiBritish_Demo_fefc.jpg?adImageId=7081314&imageId=4604053″ width=”500″ height=”357″ /]
[picapp src=”5/e/e/7/East_And_West_8b61.jpg?adImageId=7081320&imageId=6142546″ width=”500″ height=”750″ /]


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One Response to “Picapp Hong Kong”

  1. BKKPhotographer Says:

    I have been looking for other old photos on Picapp. I’ve tried London and San Francisco but they don’t have anything interesting. I will keep looking.

    Sorry the photos above are a bit distorted. I think the WordPress theme is squashing them. I should make them smaller. You can examine the original picture by clicking on it.

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