Aircraft Over Bangkok

I’m very fortunate that my apartment in Northern Bangkok is not on a normal flight path for civilian or military aircraft. Thus it’s relatively peaceful here.

I do see many helicopters from the Royal Thai Army, Air Force and Police. Occasionally they are very loud but mostly not.

However on Tuesday afternoon the wind must be have been in an unusual direction. About a dozen aircraft flew by hearing north towards Dom Muang Airport.

Dom Muang Airport  Map

Each time I got up and tried to snap a photo. The weather was cloudy and overcast – it’s the start of the cool season – so the pictures are not of good quality.

But they were unusual enough to warrant a blog post. Here are four photos:

  • Two Royal Thai Air Force Lockheed C-130 Hercules transports.
  • A Nok Air (low-cost subsidiary of Thai Airways) Boeing 737-4D7. I was impressed I could make out the tail number: HS-TDA.
  • An Orient Thai McDonnell Douglas MD-82. Their tail numbers are painted above their engines so I could not see this one.

You can click on a picture in the gallery above for a larger view.

As usual I have aerotagged the pictures.  The metadata should have survived the export from Lightroom and upload to WordPress.

I used to research the aircraft identities – and see much better pictures.




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2 Responses to “Aircraft Over Bangkok”

  1. fonktok69 Says:

    Yes, the wind was howling today. We took a bus over to Pattaya in the morning and it looked like a big storm was rolling in. Very gray here this afternoon at around 5pm.

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